As if the introduction of a biennial world cup wasn’t a lame brain enough of an idea, FIFA are thinking about introducing a tournament modelled along the lines of the UEFA NATIONS league. Why you may ask? Well it looks like the biennial world cup isn’t getting the required support from influential soccer governing bodies, UEFA and CONMEBOL. These two bodies know better as they are not under undue influence from the Infantino types in Zurich unlike the poorer confederations CAF, ASIA and OCEANIA. It is safe to say money is the biggest motivator in pushing both these tournaments. Let’s face it the pandemic has bled many soccer organisations dry. FIFA see these tournaments as money saving graces. Never mind the fact that players hardly get a rest, only one month off season. They take them as machines who can work 365 days a year with no rest.

Reasons likely to be put out by FIFA for holding the Nations League are the it affords an opportunity for countries who have no hope of playing in a world cup a chance to do do. Well, they already have got that through world cup qualifying matches. South America and Europe has the most to lose that’s why they vetoed the biennial world cup. Their players play a lot of tournaments during the season as well as Copa America and Euros on top of that. How hypocritical are FIFA here? Aren’t they the ones who blocked European super clubs for forming the Super League yet they turn around and try to impose an almost similar thing? I had thought the days of corruption at Fifa are history with the exit of Sepp Blatter, alas the more things change the more they stay the same. Already at CAF they have already imposed a super league in Africa, more like a Guinea pig experiment to see if it is feasible. Plain to say the word governing body needs to not fix what is not broken.