In a curveball out of the blue, an Argentinian judge has ordered eight medical personnel at a hospice in Buenos Aires to stand trial for homicide in connection with soccer legend Diego Maradona’s death .Maradona died a year ago from cardiac arrest. Diego wasn’t short of controversy in his playing career and controversy has followed him to his grave. Now, the eight, who include doctors and nurses, are said to have “failed to take action that would have prevented” Maradona’s death. Today I want discuss the question that everyone is asking, was this homicide(culpable) and was it even the correct charge to put against the caregivers. The type of homicide that they have been charged with is negligent homicide, the prosecutors are alleging that the caregivers were in knowledge and connivance that their actions may lead to Diego’s death. Now it differs PREMEDITATED homicide which is planning well in advance to kill someone usually with a benefit or motive to the attacker such as revenge or monetary gain. Let me tell you this, when we go to hospital seeking treatment we put our lives and that of our loved ones in the hands of those doctors and nurses. If things go south , like in this case, in our grief it is natural to want to blame someone for it. For me this looks like a very emotional judgement at face value. Why I say so? Look at Diego’s history. He wasn’t exactly leading a healthy lifestyle. That topped by the fact that he had underwent cardiovascular surgery. The survival rates for the type of surgery that was done on Diego, to correct blood clot in brain, is a mere 15% after 3 months according to medical studies. So the caregivers have a strong defense here, like it or not.

The suit was brought about by Maradona’s two children who are saying they abandoned Diego to his death in the course of their duties. I would like to think one of them saw something when they visited the late legend in the hospital. The medical field is one of the most high pressure , high stress professions imaginable. It is my opinion they are the most underpaid and underappreciated workers comparative to what they go through. So some may lash out at patients but that is unprofessional and doesn’t excuse such behavior. In my opinion , if you don’t pay your doctors and nurses enough you risk them either not doing their job properly or administering faulty care on a patient. Take for example the death of Michael Jackson. MJ’s doctor Conrad Murray was convicted of manslaughter after causing his death from a lethal dose of anesthetic propofol without proper medical equipment. The fact that Jackson was a multi millionaire who was capable of giving him a healthy payday could have contributed to him taking such a monumental risk on his patient’s life. The Hippocratic Oath is often used as a battering ram against errant medical personnel, truth is some medical schools don’t even administer it anymore as the profession has changed so much in the past century in terms ethical conduct. It could be plausible that a patient really wants to die to alleviate his or her suffering, something called Euthanasia. In most places it is illegal(some doctors do the underground in such) although some countries have practice for example in central Europe and Colombia. So those are some of the angles and twists Diego’s death may have taken so plenty for the Argentinian courts to ponder over.


For the French it was 1994 World Cup qualifier versus Bulgaria, for the Germans it was the humiliating Euro 2004 exit. The England national team’s four goal mulling at the hands of the Hungarians in Molineaux has been a long time coming even though the Three Lions reached the European Championships final last year. In fact that defeat masked a lot of weaknesses in the team as well as the way the English FA approach international soccer as a whole. Today I will discuss how the England team has come to this new low and how it is not actually the player’s fault at all but how the administrators have conspired against their own team. I will start with the English Premier League. Die hard English fans are tempted to blame the Premier League for the team’s poor showing in this year’s Nations League, in my opinion that is not the case. The influx of foreigners which came with the resumption of the League has actually helped English soccer, the infusion of the difference styles from flair of South American soccer to the gritty North European style. That has helped players with Brazilian style like Sancho and Rooney in recent years to combative players like Paul Ince and Declan Rice. So that scapegoat for me won’t fly one bit. English soccer has an enormous amount of games for a 9 month season. THAT IS A VALID REASON. Look I know the sponsors will be happy to see Liverpool play a 60 game season for economic reasons but to expect the same players to put on a performance in the summer for the national side is now scraping the burrow. There has been murmurs from the soccer fraternity to scrape the League Cup and they have a point. The League Cup duplicates the FA Cup and adds more unnecessary fixtures to an already congested fixture list.

Secondly, let’s face the hard truth here. England has only 4 or 5 good sides that can compete on a Europe or world scale. I don’t say that so as to diss or degrade the other teams but results show this. Since the inception of the Champions League only Liverpool, Manchester United and Chelsea have won it. So these 4 or 5 sides inevitably acquire the best 5 to six players that the English have. That is one heck of a small pot for Gareth Southgate to choose from. So to appease the media and the “why don’t you choose others from smaller teams” brigade , he selects players who are average at best the other 15 or so premier league teams and the inevitable below average results happen. Not to mention the fact that the top sides would rather buy players from other countries so as to compete shows how little regard the Peps, Klopps and Tuchel have for English talent. So will a quota on foreign players do the trick? Yes it will work in terms of the English national team and in terms of club soccer , no. So the FA has to choose between the rock and the hard place here and unfortunately you can’t have it both ways. The Premier League thirdly should look seriously into reducing the number of teams in the league to 18 or 16. Again the sponsors will not want to hear this. Look at the German Bundesliga. They play a total of 34 games a season which is 4 less than their English counterparts, that is 4 weeks of rest (mind you they don’t have a League cup there) which is equivalent to the 4 weeks that say a world cup runs or a European championships. Lastly, this may be a more radical view of things but mandating clubs to employ strictly English players in their reserve sides will go a long way to help the English side. Look, this is not a xenophobic point of view but a pure strategic one. Statistics show this. In the just ended 2021/2022 season of the so called big 6 only six home grown players made their debut. That is a pathetic number which makes one see what miracles Gareth Southgate has done with this team. Time to reset and think hard Mark Bullingham, Qatar may be too late for adjustments but winning world cup 2026 isn’t outside the realm of possibility.


Javier Hernandez , former Manchester United and Real Madrid striker, has bared his soul in a recent interview about his life battles. He recently told Mexican media about his struggles with depression and fatherhood. He said that his ex wife, blogger Sarah Kohan, hasn’t let him see his two children for more than a year. Today I want to talk about parenthood and parent rights. Is it possible to have one parent better than another despite all the challenges a marriage may face? I can tell you this, as a parent you want the best for your children no matter the station in life. The only exceptions allowed by law is neglect and abuse by one party in the marriage. Now, Sarah is alleging that Chicharito doesn’t include the kids in his life so in effect he has excluded themselves from their lives. I know that social media is now a thing among parents these days, showcasing home life online. There is nothing wrong with that as long as both parents are comfortable. So it is hard to see if the accusations on Javier have merit. Let’s be frank here, living with a person suffering from depression is hell. Mood swings , constant arguing make a divorce very likely especially in this case. It will eventually come down to if Javier is a danger to the children of which I really doubt.

The fact that Sarah went to her native Australia with Javier’s blessing for Christmas hurts him more than he knows because he is tacitly saying that he believes she can take care of the children better. Have you ever wondered why women are always favored in custody battles? The law throughout the ages assumed maternal instincts trump for paternal ones because they are the “fairer” sex after all. But that is changing dads are actually being seen as good care givers too. So it is not just one aspect that is considered when granting custody. One who is able to provide ALL needs is most likely to be granted custody that includes both emotional and financial. Javier seems to have the upper hand on the financial side the emotional is up in the air. Lastly, coming from a severe Covid pandemic the past two years, the cases of depression inevitably rose. I believe the death of his soccer legend grandfather along with that had a part to play in Javier’s depression. Men who show their feelings can be deemed weak by some, so it is hard on the male species. So Javier deserves credit for showing he is human especially in a male dominated sport such as soccer. Did Sarah Kohan exercise patience or seek counselling when he was at his most vulnerable? I don’t know only they do. For now what is best is for the children and a messy battle isn’t what’s best.


Recent story that caught my attention in the Netherlands. A player by the name of Jody Lukoki from the Democratic Republic of Congo was killed last week at a family gathering in the city of Almere. The circumstances leading to his demise are just as bizarre as the actual cause of death itself. Reports say that Jody was at a family gathering and it somehow turned into a beat down by multiple family members on Lukoki. Lukoki began complaining about a headache and pain on his knee and was hospitalized. By the end of Monday last week, Jody was lying dead with an amputated leg after suffering cardiac arrest. The resultant coma from the arrest. Dutch police suspect foul play and is conducting an investigation with fingers pointing at Jody’s family. Jody is a former Ajax and FC Twente player who were his last club. Let’s be clear here, violence doesn’t solve anything and this story is an unfortunate evidence of that. Whenever you undertake to physically assault a person who you don’t know their medical history,you literally roll the dice as to life or death. I mean it, it may sound too much but that’s the honest truth. Lukoki had suffered a serious injury last year in July training with Twente and I bet every single one of the family members knew it. Knee injuries are one of the most prominent causes of heart failure including arthritis too stemming from what researchers say is blood vessel damage. So when they allegedly beat up Jody they may not have intended to kill him but they may well have caused it.

According to law there is a difference between causing someone to die and actually killing him. So that may cause the court to go lightly on the perpetrators. Then came the shocker. The Police alleged that there was oxygen depravation stemming from laughing gas exposure other wise known as nitrous oxide. This really throws the spanner in the works. Not only does it prove premeditation, it also shows that they wanted to make sure he was gone. Another sticking point is the motive. Well the police and investigators have to prove it and it will be an uphill task. It is just as a mystery to them as the cause of Jody’s death. Similarly to the Mason Greenwood case, Jody was convicted of assaulting his girlfriend earlier this year. The speculator in me may be tempted to connect the dots and link it to this case. Could this have been a revenge thing for past indiscretions? Who knows. Now we know why the world came down hard on Will Smith for hitting Chris Rock. For one, Chris could well have been ill when he was struck and could well have collapsed and died on the spot. What’s important to note is always give dialogue a chance in disputes no matter how grave they are. Not only was a life cut short here, the lives of the family members who carried out the assault is all but over too.


Who ever thought the Rossonerri would have one hand on the Scudetto with by this time after a shaky mid season? Milan did themselves a a whole lot of good by winning 4 matches in a row during the Serie A run in at the same time that their city rivals Inter dropped points. Their win Sunday over Atalanta made sure that they effectively are a point away from securing their first title in 11 years. The second goal in a 2-0 win takes the play of the week. Look don’t kid yourself if you are a Milan fan, La Dea were on top with ball possession and looked like they were going to crash the party. Pundits will say it is one of the great solo goals of world soccer but few will extend credit to the guy who made it happen. Rade Krunic’s sliding tackle on number 10 for Atalanta Boge set the tone nicely. Theo ran from box to box to score a George Weah like wonder goal to send the Meazza wild. A degree of selfishness is needed to score a goal like that and its all well it ended up in the back of the net. Junior Messias and Leao would have had something to say in a not so nice manner if it hadn’t.