The perfect reply to what has been a nightmare first two weeks for Liverpool. One might say they had a point to prove. Bournemouth never had a game plan, it was almost as though they came just to have a stroll on a Saturday afternoon. So many great goals to choose from here but one that caught the eye was from Bobby Firmino to make it 4-0. Yes Trent’s goal to make it 3-0 was something special but what made Firmino’s better was the level of focus that it required. The assist came from the opposing player unwittingly. Well one might say it was an unfortunate ricochet but what was the leaving the ball for the teammate all about by the Cherries defense. Not dealing with danger and passing the onus to your teammate is a cardinal sin for the defender. On the very least shout for the keeper to come and get. Goalkeeper comes out the goal doesn’t happen. That doesn’t take anything away from the volley by the Brazilian, keeping it low couldn’t have been easy, with the outside of the boot no less.