A brave break away in the first 20km of the course, from Carmago to Cistierna, by six riders was enough to tactically outwit the rest of the peloton LEADING TO A STAGE WIN FOR Jesus Herrada. It was a good move seeing that an imposing 22km climb beckoned, a sizeable lead was necessary. The team effort from Trek team is commendable. But how do you get back into the race when you trailing? The answer is to make the most of the flatter course after the summit. Check out 63km of the race to go. Sam Bennett’s team, Bora, made sure to keep him in contention but ultimately it wasn’t enough. Let’s see. High winds on descent, check. Sunny weather with no chance of rain ,check. The last 40 km had the makings of a sprinters paradise. In the final kilometer of the race, it had the makings of a good finish with 5 riders up for the podium finish. If the see the clip, rider in red jersey, Sweeny had the chance to slip to the right of the LEADER ,close to the BARRIER. But he did not utilize. As a parting shot, good safety riding from the peloton which was trailing the breakaway on the curve with 27km to go. Perhaps the slow down was partly to do with the peloton leaders being content with the mountain points they have already.