UFC 278 will live in memory as one of the WTF UFC events ever. Kamaru Usman looked invincible in his reign as UFC Welterweight champion. Three years as champ and going on 15 matches unbeaten. His opponent, Brit Leon Edwards was fighting him for the second time after losing to Kamaru 7 years ago. Clearly Leon learnt from the fight and coupled with Kamaru’s advancing age , this was in fact a golden time to win the title. Let’s face it Kamaru was on his way to a unanimous decision victory in this one. He was on top as far as takedowns and significant strikes are concerned. That is the thing that cost him actually. Thinking the match was won when the horn hadn’t sounded yet is a no no. Always be on guard and protect yourself. Kamaru failed to do so and it hurts , it was the last minute of the fight. Leon deserved credit for defending the takedowns well. Let’s have a look at the knockout blow. Kamaru seems to be focused enough then Leon goes for the punch. The left didn’t look to have connected all that well but it was enough to get Kamaru off his defensive posture creating an opening for the kick right in the face. That quick. It takes that much to lose a title. I am all for Kamaru and Edwards 3 at Wembley. Bruised ego aside, this was a good learning curve for Kamaru and other defending champs in MMA.