Since winning the US Open last year, Emma has won no titles to her name. Her ninth seed at this year’s Canadian Open has been put on blast but the organizers have seen it fit to give it to her for a reason. She is ranked 10th in the world mostly because of her runs to the later stages of tournaments such has Stuttgart. She faces Italian Camila Giorgi in the first round in Toronto , which on paper looks like an easy enough draw. Well Emma has had some shocking results especially against unseeded players such that counting one’s chickens isn’t advisable. It proved to be so. Check out her lightning quick start , first point advantage on deuce. When the point is going fifty fifty like that, you make your own luck by playing the ball into good areas and covering the baseline well. Camilla broke straight back the next game. That on the back of great first serve and good ground strokes. Here is where Camila showed all her experience, the tie break. The Italian is a decade veteran of the circuit, although she hasn’t won a major (but three titles to her name including here last year)she knows her way to around a breaker. Tie breaker rule one, hold your initial service game to ease your way into the breaker. Now she went 5-0 and out of sight with fierce ground strokes with Emma rooted to baseline. A whitewash breaker. Emma didn’t come to the net often to vary her play, to make Giorgi more uncomfortable.

Raducanu is the type of player whose head drops once things don’t go her way. Her points won on first serve dropped sub 50% in the second set. Check out 2-0 Giorgi second set advantage Camila on deuce. Already seeing Camila turn defense into attack after a weak serve, Emma failed to read the memo and go for the lob mid point when Giorgi gambled by coming at the net. Like set one, the Brit fought back to make it 2-2 but that was it. More of the same from Emma, either a weak first serve or if she gets a strong serve in her follow up wasn’t good enough. Two easy breaks of serve followed for the Italian to win it 6-2 on the double break. That US Open win came way to soon for Emma in my opinion and the Queen’s honors too. Too much too soon. But hey, you know what they say, it’s better to have loved and lost than never to have at all.