Bucks losing at home to Celtics in game 6 put them in a tight spot needed a win at the Garden to secure another Eastern Conference finals appearance. Game 7 is such a game that you have few margins for error. Milwaukee didn’t show any nerves to start off the game which one would expect from the defending champs. The rule of thumb for them is keep Giannis on the floor the longest amount of time to have any chance. They did just that with the Greek colossus conjuring up 43 minutes on the court but his return of 25 points was modest by his standards. Watch 4-3 Bucks to see why. He is all about power, defender looking for a non existent foul, ref want nothing to do with that. So someone else needed to step up for Milwaukee , Jrue did but the problem was no one came close to those two. Celtics on the other hand kept it close in Q1. Boston’s shooting from the field was great led by you know who at 10-3 Bucks. Tatum was influential in this series as expected, he got 23 points here but his assist game was on point in this game. It all began to fall apart for the Bucks in Q2.

The thing is Milwaukee are a team which prides itself for being dominant on the paint. Those 2 points aren’t enough if they don’t have shooters from down town to supplement it. Check out 30-25 Bucks as the Celtics chipped away at the gap. Jaylen Brown was huge on the paint for Celtics with 19 points. At 30-30 Bucks forgot to defend. Al Horford’s flush made my play of the game. What do we have? We got Giannis and Jrue guarding the edge of the paint. Giannis didn’t trust his teammate Connaughton to handle Pritchard so he leaves Horford unattended with consequences. Q3 Celtics seized control of the game decisively. Again I say it , Boston really hurt the deer from down town. They shot 22/25 from outside the arch in this game to a pathetic 4/33 from the Bucks. Not good enough at all. Watch 56-47 Celtics, that man Brown again. Not Jay, not Brown ended up the highest scorer in the game. Grant Williams’s 27 points included another knife twisting 3-pointer at 73-60 Boston. However it was not all doom and gloom for the Bucks. Just maybe Q4 would be a saving grace. Not. But watch the monster alley hoop from Jrue to Giannis at 76-62 Celtics. It proved to be false hope as Celtics continued to turn the screw. Pritchard and Williams saw to it that the outcome was not in doubt. Celtics deserved winners by 27 points, great game plan, exemplary 3 point shooting. Bucks need to get a trade for a shooter ASAP if they are to get back to the top of the mountain next season.