The highlight reel that is Ja Morant continues to roll this season. The Memphis Grizzlies ARE SO MUCH better with him on the court. Ja got a career high 52 points and 7 rebounds on Tuesday Night against the San Antonio Spurs. It is no wonder the Grizzlies are closing in on the Warriors who are in second spot in the West. One of the highlight of the night and certainly the week was the buzzer beater against San Antonio as the first half drew to a close. Now check it out, below a second left in play. The ball is dead. Your team is leading 66-58. What are you thinking holding that ball on the baseline? Just throwing it in play and wind down, head down the tunnel and eat some oranges in the locker room. But no not the Grizzlies and Steven Adams. Adams launched a rocket the direction of Ja, baseline to baseline. Ja , no time to land and adjust the feet just had to deflect the ball the direction of the bucket. That is the most satisfying bucket of the year because it encapsulated what the team is all about. Not resting on your laurels even when you way ahead. The former Rookie of the year’s bucket was preceded by another good in your face flush. I am telling you, Memphis is a dark horse for the NBA title this year.