Two fighters who genuinely hate each other’s guts so this had a making of a great fight in the welterweight division. Number one contender Colby “Chaos” Covington looking to improve his 12-1 record against his former training partner Jorge Masvidal. Masvidal is coming from huge losses at the hands of Kamaru Usman. Believe it or not they were best of friends both coming from Florida until it was alleged a gym bust up so the two come to blows. So wasn’t expecting a touch of gloves at the start of this one. Chaos was quick to his game plan, going for the takedown early in Round 1 but Colby couldn’t get the leverage on the reverse chin lock. All Jorge had to do was wait it out until towards the end of the round where he quickly sprang to his feet.

Masvidal has a great defensive tool set. He uses his brain as well as his physical attributes. However in the long run this wasn’t enough to sway the match in his favor. Colby was given a warning for eye poking by the ref at the start of Round two. This seemed to put off Chaos as he slipped whilst attempting a high kick. Jorge seized the opportunity by having his best round of the match landing stiff kicks and punches on Colby. Covington wasn’t fighting clean at all and it is a pity because he doesn’t need to. A low blow was sited again on Chaos which was too bad as he has Masvidal on the fence. Colby lost the commanding position as the ref ordered a restart at the center of the octagon. The next three rounds were a pattern of Covington going for the takedown and Masvidal holding out for the longest. Colby however out punched and out kicked Jorge resulting in the unanimous decision for Colby. Chaos showing how he is next in line to the welterweight title with a card of 49-46, 50-44,50-45 scored by the judges.