On Friday, one of cricket and sports’ most recognizable figures, Shane Warne passed away in Thailand. Reports coming in from the Asian nation point out that Warne suffered a heart attack while on holiday there. Heart attacks usually go undetected unless you go to regular check ups. When he was found by his friends unconscious, they administered CPR to no avail. While death from cardiac arrest isn’t alien to athletes, the fact that Shane had began a fitness regime aimed at having a shredded body makes this all the more shocking. Shane had started the fitness program to get into shape for whatever reasons and according to his social media sites, he had lost some 15kg to date. The speculation on use of weight loss drugs was dismissed by Shane but he however claimed to use Asian traditional weight loss meds. Let me talk about that for a minute. The effectiveness of traditional meds has long been a hot issue, notably during the initial years of the pandemic. Some claimed rather foolishly that they found a cure for Covid from herbs with disastrous consequences. Whilst I am not against alternative meds, rather seek a doctor’s advice before taking them. As individuals our bodies react differently to certain treatments, NO ONE SIZE FITS ALL works here. Most of the meds haven’t gone through scientific trials so use of them may be at user’s risk.

The other issue is that of cardio work outs. If you work out regularly whilst not getting checked by the physician, you put yourself in danger. Each one has a different physiology to the other. So it might do more harm than good if you have an underlying physical condition. The use of a personal trainer is often a good idea as those guys have experience dealing with different types of bodies. One has only got to look at bodybuilders and pro wrestlers who have died in their prime to see the dangers posed by UNREGULATED meds. That being said Thank you Shane for the memories. That dismissal of Gatting in 1993 defied the laws of physics.