The Carabao Cup Final usually pits one stronger side versus a weaker team usually from the lower leagues or midtable or struggling premier league team. This year it was different with two giants of the European game going head to head. To much surprise it was the goalkeepers who had the most influence with neither of the attacking talent on show able to breach each other’s defense. Kelleher was a big call by Klopp in place of Allison so was Mendy in place of usual Carabao goalie Kepa. My play of teh week comes from the Senegalese goalkeeper Mendy who made a fantastic save from compatriot Mane in the first half which he had no right to make. Check out clip on 14 seconds. Look the shot from Keita was low and hard, usually the keeper pushes it out for a corner so it is not advisable to put the ball into the box if you are a goalie. After Mendy blocks the ball into the box it is all about his reaction or his defenders. Azpilicueta was in no man’s land so it was Mendy who reacted quickest to block what was a certain goal from Mane. The look by Mane gave Mendy said how the hell did you do that. Anyway, it would be Liverpool and Kelleher’s day. Kepa came on for the pens and didn’t save any one of the 11 spot kicks. Kelleher the match winner with the last kick. Kepa would have scored his if he was at Twickenham.