9km Time Trial isn’t exactly the hardest course to negotiate on paper that is. Add the desert and the wind factor it becomes a whole other issue. After the sprint stages two and three, I was looking forward to seeing how the rest of the GC contenders faired in what looked like an open race. The U turn during the course made the race look more like an indoor velodrome race. So the guy who wins this one more or less had to burst out of the blocks and maintain a high enough speed. No doubt the winner of the race had to be sub 10 minutes in finishing.The field included Pogacar, world champ Ganna and Joao Almeida. But it was Steffen Bissenger who upset Ganna by winning in 09:43 minutes with Ganna seven seconds behind. Pogacar was 18 seconds behind Stefan in fourth. The sand not only is a factor in terms of eyesight(always wear your shades racing in that part of the world) but it makes the roads slippery. When racing in such roads it is important to make sure the tires are wider than normal and have lower pressure. Also the usual TT bike has to have a lower handle bar section for aerodynamic advantage. But watching Bissenger, it was more of leg work than aerodynamics. His back wasn’t that hunched back so don’t forget to work on that leg strength. Check out Ganna’s race. Taking a while to sit on the saddle nearly worked for him. By standing he exerted maximum strength on the paddles but unfortunately it wasn’t enough. With that victory, Bissenger takes over the GC from Philipsen who drops to number three with Ganna second.