Team LeBron won the All Star game on the King’s home town of Cleveland. It just had to be him to sink the winning jump shot ain’t it? Anyway much as LeBron makes a case for the best in the NBA around and ever, I had my eye on youth in this game. Joel Embiid was the default captain in the absence of KD and played a good ball game. But my highlight of the game came from a rising star in the game , Ja Morant of the Memphis Grizzlies. With his talent ,I tip Memphis to surprise one or two in the play offs. My play of the week? Check out first Q 20-11 Team LeBron. The reverse dunk is one of the most difficult plays in basketball. Not only have you got to get the right height on the jump but you have your eyes turned so your brain has to remember where the bucket is whilst being careful not to hit the bucket with your head. I don’t think the pass was for Ja. I think the passer was aiming for the player on the baseline. Nice memorable play. Check out ho