The stage was set. It’s Super LVI man. LA in the house with the Rams representing on what effectively was home advantage at the SoFi Stadium. The Rams were looking for their first ever Super Bowl after coming to LA whilst the Bengals ARE IN THE SAME boat looking to get over the line for the first time ever. The kicking proved crucial for the RAMS. Matthew Stafford the Rams QB outperforming his Cinci counterpart Joe Burrow. Mat had 26/40 success to Joe’s 22/33. Check out the way he found number 10 Cooper Kupp spotting the weakness on the outside linebacker defense of Cinci at 08:50 in the first Q. It was number 10 against number 10 then but soon it was number 3 against number 21 as Stafford found Beckham Jnr for the first TD of the game. Again same MO, exploiting the weak linebacker/cornerback side of teh Bengals. Bengals, waking up late in Q1. 7-0 with a minute 30 to go. Burrow found Chase who had two bites at it but found number 33 alert, that’s team work covering for each other’s mistakes. The finish to the game may be a crazy one but the Rams put themselves in a position to win it in Q2.

Kupp added a TD at 7-3 Rams 12:50 to go. Again same MO, same side of defense. That was poor from the Bengals expected better. A lifeline for Cinci though in the failure to convert for the extra point(told you kicking was crucial). A mix up between number 8 Gay and number 6 Hekker will go down as a what the hell were they thinking moment. The Bengals would send us to the HALF TIME show with LA hearts in mouths by scoring a TD with 05:50 to go 13-3. Watch as Burrows catches out the safeties ball watching , not paying any attention to Tee Higgins. Snoop, Dre and Co coming up at the right time for the Rams. It was the Bengals who were fired up for second half. Higgins wasting no time picking off where he left off. Number 5 for the Rams Jalen Ramsey with another what the hell moment.

The cornerback has had an awesome season but he was off last night. Jalen’s footwork was off as he gave Higgins the free run to the EZ RIGHT FROM THE OFF. Now come on now. The face mask grab had something to do with Jalen losing his footing right. Not according to the ref. How biased can you possibly be. To be honest from there the momentum was with Cinci and it was theirs to lose. The turning point in Q3 was the one and only kick from Gay. That was when Cinci had a 20-13 lead with 6 to go to Q4. That meant that LA needed a single TD to win the encounter.With a minute 30 to go they got what they deserved with a one yard TD at 20-16 2nd and goal. Normally under such a situation what the defense needed to do was to cut all avenues for the throw to be complete. Number 20 Apple needed to go in front of Kupp, watching both ball and player. I know easier said than done it was one hell of a find by Stafford again, part of 283 yards all in all. Sustained offense in the last minute from the Bengals couldn’t get them the win. So the wait for them continues. In the meantime LA celebrates.