Clippers are the best team in LA but their recent trade of Serge Ibaka to Milwaukee will certainly weaken them. That is until I heard it was a two way street with Rodney Hood and Semi Ojeyele heading the other direction. They are 8th in the West, well into the mix in the Play-In picture. They face a Dallas team on a three game winning streak with one of the best point guards in the league Luca Doncic. They traded Kristaps Porzingis to the Wizards who most Dallas fans weren’t too chaffed about. Although Luca said he will miss Porzingis he didn’t show it in this match. A little shake of the legs at 7-5 Mavs from the Slovenian hotshot from outside the three point line. The nerves are understandable. Clippers had a good start. However the Mavs weathered the storm coupled with some not so good defensive work from the Clippers. Check out 17-14 Mavs. Not only was Luca huge scoring he was able to get 9 rebounds and 6 assists showing he wasn’t the unselfish big star of the team. Watch him find Josh Green with the alley-hoop, 26-17 Mavs.

I believe we didn’t see the best of Reggie Jackson in this game for the Clippers. With Paul George likely to miss the rest of the season with an elbow injury, Reggie is expected to step up. Whilst Luca was nailing them from all over the court, Reggie was content with letting Marcus Norris steal the show. 8 Assists for Reggie which isn’t bad at all, being a team player. Watch 57-47 Mavs, at that point the Mavs had built a healthy 10 point lead plus, he found Batum number 33 realizing he needs his team to hit more 3s. The Clippers had their best Q in the third. Watch the drive from Reggie at 77-61 Mavs. Little option inside the arch to pass, utilizing his speed against the slower number 25 for the Mavs , Bullock. There was one more burst from the Clippers before the Mavs took over once again, that was start of Q4. Number 24 for Clippers Norman Powell outscored Reggie 19-1, three of which was at 89-81 Mavs. Good technique from Norman. Clippers pulled to within three of Dallas. Luca after the frenzied three point scoring in Q1, eased up a bit preferring drives to the net for twos. One of which was this at 106-98. Just what was Terence Mann, number 14, thinking? I don’t know, stay with the player, being afraid to foul costs you just as much as the actual fouling. Luca making history with his highest ever scoring game in the NBA with 51 points. 28 points coming in the first Q. This was the highest scoring Q in the NBA this season with 64 points.