The Peng Shuai sexual assault issue seems to not want to go away. Even though Peng says nothing happened. The Chinese tennis star gave an interview at the ongoing Winter Olympics games in her home country saying that there was a “enormous misunderstanding” , referring to her Weibo post a few months ago accusing former China deputy Premier Zhang Gaoli. I am totally gender violence in all its forms, don’t get me wrong. But the insistence of certain media, governments and sports bodies that her confession was staged managed has got me thinking this is now not about Peng at all. For me this means this is now an issue between left and right, East and West. I know that Human Rights bodies have got a purpose and a job to do, that is they act as checks and balances on governments otherwise they turn tyrannical. But there is so much that they can do. If a victim doesn’t want to press any charge on the accuser, there is nothing more that they can do. I think this issue is more to do with China scaring the living daylights out of the West with the way it is growing as a world superpower. Quite frankly it is an insult to the other victims of sexual assault the continued coverage if the issue that should really be closed for good.

There has been reports of “agents” lurking in the background as the interview with Peng and the foreign media was being conducted. What do you think was going to happen. She became state enemy number one the moment she went on social with the accusations. That being said the Chinese government will want to keep tabs on her. For her safety, it is actually dangerous for her to hold those interviews so interviews are not worth the trouble for her at all. Lastly, the fact that the two of them , Peng and Gaoli were in a relationship has got to be factored in here. She doesn’t deny having sexual relations with Gaoli on and off so it makes her case ever more difficult to prove. It makes it difficult to prove non consensus to the act here. After saying this I might get backlash for saying it it has to be said. In my opinion the “disappearance” from the public eye was actually her way of trying to take the sting out of the case. It is sad that the Rights Groups aren’t reading the memo. China are well on their way to surpassing the USA in terms of economic power and any bad press on it is music to the West’s ears, even if it means destroying sporting aspirations of many youth in the process by banning tennis events in the country.