Jazz who are 31-21 facing the Nets who have Kyrie in for this road game. None from the holy trinity besides him though as KD and James Harden sit this one out. James has a hamstring injury which is symptomatic of the playing a lot of games in a short space of time. KD out for the foreseeable with a knee injury. Utah’s impressive Bogdanovic and Donovan Mitchell had a huge say in the first Q. Mitchell didn’t waste time the assist to O’Neale for the first points of the match. The Nets were very low on field goal success early on. It would improve later. The burden on Kyrie too heaby but he gave it his all, finishing with 15 points, low by his lofty standards. Coaches and fans love a player willing to fight for lost causes. Just watch Claxton(number 33 for Jazz) chase a ball he just lost and win it back at 20-10 Jazz. The three pointer from Butler the icing. Cameron Thomas, number 24 for the Nets was influential in getting his team to within single digits of the Jazz. Check out 31-21 Jazz.

In any case, Utah did extend their lead to double digits in Q2 until half time. The hard work off the ball paid off for the Jazz. 16 Turnovers in favor of them. O’neale and Donovan were roaring from the 3 point line. Check out 53-34 Jazz. Bogdanovic huge from the paint as well. Check out 56-39 Jazz. He got 11 rebounds and 4 assists. Twenty point plus half time leads are the most difficult to claw back from. But not impossible. You see you got to go for the Threes early on in the Q3 and get the scores to lets say 10, that being said you got to get the ball back quickly as well to do this. Nets did neither. Watch Kyrie go for two at 76-46 Jazz. This is down to coaching as well, you got to tell the players , you got the overall picture of the game from the outside. Contrast this to Jazz at 76-51. Jazz were huge from down town nailing 45% of their attempts.There were very few bright light moments for Brooklyn in this one and I got the feeling they gave up the ghost as Q4 started. One I can pick up was the fade away jumper at the Q3 buzzer by Cameron at 105-71 Jazz, assisting his own bucket by finding the space. Keeping it respectable was the name of the game for the Nets in Q4. 105-78 wasn’t the ideal start. Freeze the shot for a minute. What were they thinking here defensively. Go to the man with the ball and worry about the guy who just passed when he gets the ball back. That simple. A better Q4 though for the Nets outscoring the Jazz 29-20. but the 20 point plus lead was intact at the end of the match for the Jazz. Nets’s slide down the Eastern Conference standings continues now in 6th with 29-23 record. They are in danger of being sucked into the Play-In picture.