US swimming governing body, USA SWIMMING ,has unveiled a new policy as regards to transgender swimmers who want to represent them at international meets. Now transgender or intersex athletes has been a thorny issue in sports for many years. A number of celebrity sportspersons have come out in support of trans athletes some against. The most surprising of them is Martina Navratilova. The openly gay tennis legend has gone on record as to say trans athletes are men who decide to be female. She went on to call it “insane and it’s cheating” to allow them to compete with natural born women. Today I want to discuss whether trans athletes should be allowed to compete in any sports, it’s not just tennis or swimming. Soccer has seen a number of intergender persons applying to compete. In focusing with USA SWIMMING, record Olympian Michael Phelps has also added his voice recently calling for an “even playing field” and equating it to doping. In as much as it might anger the liberal portion of the public, Phelps has a point. During the reconstruction surgery, a number of drugs are administered to alter the hormonal balance in the body which can increase muscle sizes. Ok you might say if a guy wants to become a girl, estrogen drugs he has to take decrease the muscle mass which is actually a disadvantage to him. The thing is it is never a complete reduction. The advantage over the competitor still remains even after surgery is complete. In the case of a female who wants to change to male, testosterone administered will give an increase in muscle mass.

That being said, an interesting observation is this. There are not a lot of female athletes who want to become male athletes which should be a tell tale sign that the reverse offers little incentive. I know the liberals want to give greater opportunities to LGBT community but it may come at a price. That price is that medals might go to undeserving persons. It is a recipe for disaster and chaos. Couple that with absence of legislation concerning the subject, you open yourself up to litigation In 2019, some girls from Connecticut sued the US department of Education saying letting transgender athletes compete in a race cost them top finishes. USA SWIMMING says there will be a committee of experts to determine if a trans athlete qualifies to participate. Even though the science will guide them, there is going to be an element of bias as only a few guys can determine the fate of an athlete without further challenge. Lastly, the challenge by the pro trans community is that champion athletes already have a competitive advantage over others as their bodies are markedly different from others. Phelps’s Ex , who herself is trans, says that Phelps has a lung capacity and chemical composition which allows him to win big. Thus she says it is hypocritical of him. Let me just say this. It is for me ok to be naturally built to win than to be artificially made to win. That is the difference between honest athletes and dopers.