In the space of a week, Manchester United striker Mason Greenwood has gone from Stretford End hero to persona non grata number one. An Instagram pictures and a series of interviews by girlfriend Harriet Robson implicated the youngster in a assault and rape charge. Now this has left sponsors and teammates with no option by to drop the striker on social media and sponsorship contracts. The recording that has leaked on social has the voice of a male and a female in it in which the male demands sex from the female, who isn’t having any of it. In every story there are two sides. I will today try to shed light on both of these sides. Let me start with the audio above. What does the law say about recordings? Yes there are admissible in court according to experts one condition that you prove that you had prior consent. In the case that there is a clear danger to oneself , recordings can be allowed as in this case under most laws such as California. Reports are saying Mason had a similar prior transgressions which were put under covers by his club and national team. If true this doesn’t paint both parties brightly. For starters if they had disciplined the player when it actually happened maybe this whole thing would have been avoided.

The court of public opinion has already found Mason guilty even though there hasn’t been much of an investigation yet. You know why? We love to see a celeb or a millionaire bite the dust. It satisfies our inborn desire for them to be in the same simple life that we are in. Instead wanting to be just like them, we secretly desire for them to come down to our level. So no surprises, the streets are rejoicing at his downfall. The celebs do not learn from others clearly. It is easy to break clean from a toxic relationship than to lose a career over it. What do we make of the pictures showing Harriet’s injuries? I get that sending images online raises awareness of Gender Based violence but it hurts the investigation and herself more than it helps. She exposes herself to online trolls which takes an emotional toll given the ordeal she clearly has been through. It also makes her look as if she wants to hurt his career than get justice.