Voting for the All Star game is done and not much surprises there. Steph Curry makes it again in team West with LeBron the Captain despite the Lakers’ troubled season. In the East, my pick to win the match, has a strong line up with Giannis and DeRazon with KD captain. No Timberwolves player selected though despite having a better record than the Lakers in 8th with 24-24 record. An even Stevens first quarter here, Minnesota was on fire at the start racing to a 8-0 lead led by Karl Anthony Towns. Watch 5-0 as he recycles the attack well, he would finish with 31 points, more than any player. He was an outsider for the All Star team and he showed what the voters were missing out. GS eventually got back into the game. The Warriors three point shooting was better in this game than in recent matches. Watch Steph’s trademark at 12-6 Wolves. GS making 58% attempts count from down town in the match. Andrew Wiggins who made it to the all star team even got in on the act at 14-11 Minnesota. But Minnesota were better from the paint, Towns showing why at 23-20 Warriors. His big size makes it hard to guard.

Love the ball movement from GS, pass then move to open position fast. Check out 33-32 GS in Q2. Not only does it disorientate the defense, it gives you that kick to go on to win the game in front of your home crowd. McDaniels and Edwards were two players other than Towns that deserve a mention. McDaniels’s long arms help him make pretty hook shots like 41-39 Warriors. Edwards(27 points) was great on the drive like at 50-50. Warriors up by 4 at half time. Warriors exploded in Q3. Watch Steph’s balance even though he was fouled at 66-64GS, unorthodox scoop shot but the most important thing is he got the bucket and the foul for a three point swing. The closest Minnesota got to the Warriors was at 79-76 after a series of turnovers From there the Warriors took charge.Poole’s confidence WAS SKY HIGH in this match but attempting a dunk from two meters away was just too much at 89-78 Warriors. Great rally from the Timberwolves at the start of Q4 pulling scores at one point to 97-91. Vanderbilt who had an excellent game despite the Wolves losing, showing some fight against the Curry onslaught at 104-93, one of 18 turnovers for the Warriors in this game. Warriors, 36-13 still second in the West but better than the whole East.