Once again a top sports official has stuck his nose in politics and got burnt badly. FIFA president Gianni Infantino passed comments concerning immigrants from the African continent. For those not in the know this is what the “esteemed” president said. “We need to give hope to Africans so they do not cross the border in order to find, MAYBE, a better life but more probably death at sea”. “We need to give opportunities and we need to give dignity, not by giving charity but by allowing the rest of the world to participate. “The comments were part of his speech to the Council of Europe, a human rights organization in an effort to sell the benefits of a biennial world cup. Look, I know that Infantino is now in the desperate zone as regards to his world cup plans, but man as a high profile sports official you got to know anything you say about Africa in general is bound to induce a reaction. I really think he meant well by the comments. He just can’t find a selling point for his crazy plan. Its like a fast food joint trying to convince people that eating their meals three times a day has some benefits to health. Here are three things I took out of Gianni’s foot in mouth moment. One, the world cup is purely a commercial project for FIFA which has nothing to do with helping Africans. Two, he singles out Africa as if there are no benefits to be had by staying there whatsoever and the only place where people cross dangerous terrain for a better life. I notice another thing, having a prepared speech is a good idea, not everyone is blessed in speech giving like some of the great orators in history, like Martin Luther King.

Africans are forced to migrate for a whole lot of reasons, some of them pretty serious Infantino. For one , wars which have sometimes started not on their behest, but on the behest of the so called developed countries. Natural disasters which they have no control over. So it is tantamount to saying the world cup will help solve these problems which is neither here no there. If anything Infantino’s comments are very hypocritical. If FIFA has genuine love for Africa, why has the world cup only been held once on the continent? Setting a bad example here is Gianni. It is little wonder that the global soccer fraternity look down on players and tournaments from Africa. It is unfair and probably racist to say so. Poverty is everywhere including Asia , Europe and even Western countries. FIFA are definitely running out of positives to sell us on its world cup plans so they should probably shelve the plans. POLITICS AND SPORTS DO NOT MIX. I JUST WISH PEOPLE WOULD JUST LEAVE AFRICA ALONE.