Needless to say the Phoenix Suns are the team to beat in this year’s playoffs. They are romping away to victory after victory and are well on their way to become the top seed in the West. They come into this game against the Utah Jazz on a 10 game winning run. The Jazz are 4th with a 30-18 record, have been winning then losing no consistency but should make the playoffs nonetheless, they have enough quality to do it. I know that Devin Booker has some ridiculous numbers, so why is he not in the picture from the MVP? Here is my theory. I think he doesn’t get individual recognition because he is more of a team player, just look at his all round game. He is not about scoring only. Before we get to him Chris Paul was also on fire in this game but slow start though. 18-7 Suns, Chris gets picked by Trent Forrest who didn’t have to do much but stand and let Chris show him the way. Now to Devin, watch the vision at 20-12 Suns to Biyombo. Suns taking the lead into Q2.

I can say the Jazz slowly came into their own in Q2. Trent Forrest and Jordan Clarkson led the way and Utah was great from down town. Watch Jordan at 51-45 Suns, great drive to the bucket despite the ref not calling an easily identifiable fouls on the man from Suns number 25 .The Jazz took the lead at 55-54 Phoenix. Again CP3 was the culprit, giving away cheap possession to House. That was the Suns weakness and is their Achilles heel for anyone looking to beat them in the future. Devin’s jumper’s are world class. Watch 62-60 Suns. Not retaining the ball became contagious, ask Booker , 69-68 Suns. Jazz just a shave ahead going into Q4 87-85. Phoenix started bossing the Jazz from the paint. Chris Paul came late to the party but just in time. Watch the 3 at 98-95 Suns, the wrist action was sublime in that shot. By the time the Suns were 111-100 ahead it looked a tall order for the Jazz to come back. Clarkson wasn’t giving up yet, watch his sink a three past Devin at 111-100. Suns winning their 11th match in a row and have a commanding 37-9 record.