The thing we learn from history is that we don’t learn from it. Last night new coming from Cameroon is that six soccer fans died after a stampede for those trying to gain entry into Olembe Stadium resulted in a crash. The fans tried to gain entry into the 60 000 capacity stadium which was reduced to about 45 000 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The same thing happens every single time and I am frankly sick of it. Why not delay the kick off if there are fans milling around outside the stadium trying to get in? Disperse the crowd for the next hour or so then play the game. Look I know the culture in Africa is to sell tickets at the stadium and that culture has to stop. Sell those tickets before the big match, especially the one as huge has this one involving the host nation. Sell them online, my God we are in 2022 and this stuff is going on. It is much much safer to hold high profile games in daytime which makes policing much easier.My condolences for the families those who lost families who lost their loved ones. In a true we don’t care the show must go on fashion, the game took place. Yes it did.

Matters on the pitch now. Vincent Aboubacar the former Porto man has been in superb form in this tournament. He is the top soal getter at this year’s tournament. He added another one for the winning goal in the second half. He scores a mixed bag of goals, penalties volleys ,headers, I like the way he plays. Now based in Saudi Arabia with Al Nassir of course. Comoros were not in the round of 16 here by accident. They played brave attacking soccer even when they lost personnel to Covid just like in this match. But inexperience told here. The red card was the moment when I realized referees are definitely influenced by VAR. The mere fact of that a review is suggested sways the decision in favor of the fouled. Unfortunate red card for Jimmy Abdou. The number advantage of Cameroon showed. Toko Ekambi of Lyon was the first on the score sheet. A brave showing by Comoros in the second half culminating into one of the goals of the tournament by impressive midfielder attacker Youssouf M’Changama who beat Onana all hands down with a free kick