Golden State’s recent faltering has allowed Phoenix to pull clear at the top of the Western Conference standings. Some might say they are almost certain of going to the playoffs but a first seed position means you face a “easier” opponent in the eighth seed in the playoffs. So there is much to play for. Indiana has joined the long list of teams that have beaten the Lakers in recent weeks with a good win on Wednesday night powered by Domantas Sabonis and Caris LeVert. They have come to the party too late in my honest opinion and are outsiders to make the Play Ins, they are 13th with a 16-29 record. Check out this great defense by number 88 for the Pacers, Bitadze on Steph Curry setting the tone for a great match at 7-3 GS. Dominant first Q from the Warriors though. You would expect Steph to be at the heart of it and he was. Curry top scoring in the match with 39 points. He is great at starting transition play rapidly, check out 11-8 GS. Second Q got more competitive with Pacers upping the ante with regards to scoring from the paint. Watch this Alley hoop from number 26 Jeremy Lamb to 23 Isaiah Jackson. What I like about this play is that it was a short range pass so plenty of margin for error by Lamb in a crowded area. Warriors just edging the second Q mainly because the risk taking by Indiana meant they had a lot of turnovers against them.

A quiet game for GS in terms of 3 pointers as they were outscored by Indiana from down town. Watch 55-52 GS a rare 3 from Steph who preferred the drive to the net in this game. Tables began to turn in favor of the Pacers in the third Q. Chris Duarte for Indiana had 30 points was influential in the second half of the game so was Justin Holiday with 16 points(he would have the last say in Q4 spoiler alert). Still the Warriors had their noses in front on scoreboard going into the last seconds of the Q. Pacers a little careless with the ball. Watch 78-76 Pacers. Open player in number 3 Duarte wasn’t utilized in favor of the pass to number 13 Craig to detrimental effect. You got to take care of the basketball in that 24 second count down, it is your best friend in that period. Q4 started on an equal footing at 83 each.

Both teams started to shoot more from down town early to get a sizeable lead. Check out 88-83 GS and 83-83 at the start. GS great were great on the paint but were made to pay for woeful 3 point shooting.. Check out the body shake by number 3 Poole at 90-89 GS. Bitadze and Gary Payton getting into some head to head time at 96-93 thankfully no MALICE AT THE PALACE here. Holiday sending us to OT with a huge 3 with 9 seconds of normal time to go. Slow closing down by the Warriors deservedly punished at 110-107 GS. During OT GS got careless with the ball just like Indiana did in normal time. Watch 115-112 GS. The pass was certainly not on to number 95 Anderson. By the time the Warriors realized they needed more 3s it was too late. Pacers with a huge win on the road, a morale booster for them.