Former world number one Victoria Azarenka looking to make it two Belarusians in Round three of the Aussie Open after Sabalenka booked her place yesterday. She faces inconsistent Ukrainian Elina Svitolina. An error strewn opening game of the match on the Svitolina racquet saw her handing the break to Victoria. Victoria had the upper hand in terms of winners but Elina was her own worst enemy at times. Just watch 1-0 Azarenka (40-30), she did the hard part of the rally pegging Victoria with the forehand cross court only to net the volley. She was better off letting the ball bounce then smashing away. As problematic as it was for Elina to hold serve, Victoria was finding it easy to hold serve. The kick serve wasn’t doing it for Elina because he wasn’t getting the bounce on the ball that was enough to trouble the Belarussian. Watch 4-0(15-15) and (40-30). I funny observation I made . Check out 5-0 15-15.when Elina hits her forehands she doesn’t add any topspin or backspin on the ball. It is as straight as an arrow thus she ends up netting more shots than she should.

Definitely more room for improvement from the Ukrainian going into the second set. But more of the same was to follow. She was losing the better at the net as well. Watch second set first game 30-30. Her body language showed Victoria which side the volley was going from a mile away. Another opening service game of a set gone and it was an uphill task to get back into the match. It was almost like Elina forgot that she was in a singles match, the way she was aiming for the doubles lines. Watch 2-1 adv Azarenka. The decision making was also suspect. Watch 4-2(40-0). In all honesty the decision to just scoop the ball towards Victoria was shocking with the right hand side of the court up for grabs. Much better at 5-2 adv Azarenka to save match point. It was as if Elina was waiting for match points to get her head in the game. Watch the backhand at second advantage Azarenka, deep cutting across the ball. Perfect. In the end the service games from Victoria were too solid to lose the game. She was 63% on first serve and won 58% of her points on second serve. No prizes for guessing which shot was missed by Elina to hand Victoria the victory.