Following the unexpected loss to the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, the Cowboys’ QB Dak Prescott talked himself into controversy with his post match comments. It wasn’t exactly the first time the Cowboys have exited early in recent seasons of the playoffs but it was the manner in which they lost. Let’s just say it wasn’t Dak’s finest moment. Trailing 23-17 with 15 seconds on the clock, Prescott drove through the middle of the 49ers defense for about 17 yards. That ran down the clock to 9 seconds left to play. So far so good right. Then Dak made a rookie mistake of starting the play without giving the ref the ball to mark the spot. He gave the ball to Tyler Biadasz instead of the ref and by the time the ref tried to spot the ball, the clock had run out. Cowboys exiting the playoffs in an infuriatingly amateurish way. Now I don’t know if the fans were familiar with the rules. It seemed they didn’t. They started throwing all kinds at the match officials. You know Dallas is football mad country I would like to believe they know the rules.

Now Dak at the presser was asked to comment on the fans’ reaction. He simply said that he regretted the treatment of the players by the fans. Apparently he had thought the fans had targeted the Cowboys players. When a reporter pointed out that it was the officials who were the targets, Dak simply said ,”Credit to them then. Credit to them”. The comments were certainly ill advised and it is great that Dak owned up to them. But what I think should have happened was that a broadcast should have been made at the Stadium to tell the reasons why the play failed to calm the fans down. There are various reasons why fans act out at matches . I think the major reason for the fans acting out was more about the Cowboys poor showing in this game. For starters the play leading to the final play was not executed well by Dak. Dak’s run through the middle meant that the Cowboys basically converted two chances of making 41 yards to one chance of making 24 yards. A pass to a wide receiver would have been perfect. Anyway