We know all know the truth, the Lakers are in a mess at the moment. They are just coming from a 133-96 humbling at the hands of Nikola Jokic and the Nuggets. It is not just the players who are not giving their all, its the administration it is the coach. Whilst there is no doubt that they can win games, it is the consistency that is lacking. The Lakers fans have too high an expectation of the team, they need to lower it to the 7th mid of the table quality they are now. Anyway, the Jazz who have not reached 2021 levels but are on course for the playoffs with a 29-14,4th in the West. LeBron was all in on trying to get the win from the start. His shooting led the Lakers to run Utah close in the first Q. I know LeBron is best inside the arch but his three point shooting is underrated. Check out 5-3 Utah. The Jazz have Bogdanovic and Mitchell who had sub par performances in this game so Royce O’Neale, Gobert and Conley stepped up. Watch this beauty from down town by Royce at 13-9 Lakers. Two Lakers guarding Gobert on the paint, freeing O’Neale. Never guard one player in twos.

Westbrook looked good for the first half for the Lakers. His contribution of 15 points was just ten less than LeBron. It included this drive 39-31 Lakers for teh double digit lead. Now watch number 45 for the Jazz Mitchell waiting for Russ to commit to a side of the court. This is great defending, biding your time between Russ and Laker number 5 Tucker. The Lakers with the half time lead looking good for a monumental moral boosting victory. Before that Russ got in Gobert’s face with a duck just as the half ended. Great stuff from Westbrook. Then they looked to blow it all away in Q3. They started missing more from the field and forgot to defend as well as they did in the first half. Mitchell along with LeBron was the assist King with 7 including this pass to the King of the paint Gobert at 52-46 Lakers. No Laker in sight to stop the Frenchman. Russ didn’t have a lot of assists but this one was the best of the game. Check out 52-48 Lakers. Before you know it the turnovers went in favor of the Jazz and the Lakers were up against it going into Q4. I got to be real here, the Lakers showed up in Q4 and the win was so deserved. It was the unusual suspects that made it happen. Unheralded guys like Austin Reaves(watch 83-74 Jazz) and Stanley Johnson(15 points)(watch 85-83 Lakers). The later influential on the drive. Jazz restricted to just 17 points in Q4 showed signs of giving up the ghost even when scores were as close as 95-90 Lakers