US Open finalist and 23rd seed Leylah Fernandez looking to continue from where she left off in a grand slam against unseeded Aussie Maddison Inglis. From the first game the Canadian was struggling to hold serve taken to deuce. Inglis moves just as well on court as Leylah which explains why Fernandez was struggling. The Aussie was serving magnificently in set one at 75% first serve meaning Leylah never had a window to exploit the second serve. But by how much was Leylah’s serve off? Take the break of serve at 3-3(30-40). Why go for power instead of placement? I guess she wanted to catch the Aussie by surprise. If it comes off it looks good on Leylah. One of 6 DF for the Canadian. To her credit she made Maddison work for the set win. Inglis had to serve it out. Now watch 5-4 15-15. Leylah’s return game wasn’t as good as Flushing Meadows. The return was too central giving Inglis options either side of court.

Leylah served first in the second set so it was important to hold first if she was to come back into the match. She however wasn’t comfortable grinding it out from the baseline as the first point showed. Before you know it she is down 0-40 on her racquet needing something special to get out of the hole. She netted the forehand on the first of the break points for an anticlimactic end to the game. Before long it was 2-0 Inglis, no variation to Leylah’s play. No coming to the net more, no slice shots with top spin. She hadn’t won a single point by that time. Shot of the match 2-0 first point second set. The backhand by Inglis starts outside the line, she gets not a lot of slice on the shot but just enough for the ball to clip the outside of the line. Maddison was nailing any short serve Leylah dished out. 2-0 soon became 3-0. And then 4-0. You can see the curtain coming down on Fernandez when she struggled to even hit a routine forehand into court at 3-0 (30-40). Leylah can have no complaints to losing this one. She did show glimpses of the player she can be to hold her next two service games to at least not lose to love. Check out 4-0(15-40), deep ground strokes into the corner from the Canadian was rare to see in this match. You know what they say? Playing as an underdog is much better than as the favorite. Both Raducanu and Fernandez haven’t fared well since both had sensational runs to the US Open final.