Cam Norrie is coming from his best year at on Tour , that is 2021. He won in Indian Wells last year, his first ATP1000 . He played lots of tennis which can be a bit of a double edged sword. Whilst tennis requires that to be very good you need to play a fair bit of matches to get into the groove so to speak, fatigue can hit you just as well. Cameron fell into the later after his exit here in the first round of the Australian Open. With that he became the first male seeded player out of this year’s tournament( if you say Novak is you are just being naughty). Sebastian Korda is one of the up and coming players from the US. His father was a great but controversial player by the name of Petr Korda(once tested positive for a banned substance) who represented the Czech Republic. Petr also doubles as his coach and won the Australian Open in the late 90s. He out played Norrie in the first two sets out-first serving him to submission. Watch first game of the match 40-15 Korda. His dad had a similar service motion that doesn’t generate much power but emphasized on accuracy especially that serve down the T. As for Cameron, his movement was pretty static during the rallies, lacked energy and quite frankly he looked spent by the end of set two. Just look at the way the first set ended. Mind elsewhere, framing the forehand at 5-3(adv Korda).

No breaks of serve in this match for the Brit. Served below par at 58% first serve which meant Sebastian had a window to exploit on his second serve. Norrie’s best avenue to win this match was to serve to Seba’s backhand especially on the ad court, which was his weaker shot. Check out first point of second set 30-15 Korda. Such good serves were few and far between for Cam. Korda punishing the short serves with emphasis such as 2-0 Korda (40-0). Korda breezed through set two winning to love. No doubt his dad being a lefty would have been best placed to coach him on how to deal with a fellow lefty like Norrie. The British number one’s best set was undoubtedly the third. He had charged the net more with success in the first game of it. But losing that service game didn’t help him at all given that Seba wasn’t giving an inch on his. Korda put him out in straight sets 6-4 in the third to advance. If you ask me exiting early is the best thing to happen Norrie, he goes on to the next tournaments, the US outdoor hard courts fresher than most. He has a Indian Wells title to defend in March.