The Wild card round of the playoffs got underway Saturday. Cincinnati looking to break a 32 year unwanted record of having never won a playoff game, with a place in the AFC divisional playoffs game at stake. Joe Burrows was the man in half one. The Bengals QB had 244 yards and has 24 completions from 34 attempts. The Vegas QB Carr was better and would have the final say with 27 seconds to go. He had 29/54 with 310 yards. For the first TD from the Bengals watch 3-0 Cincinnati 04:33. Nothing says pressure on the defending team like 3rd and goal. The attack has two chances and only have less than 10 yards to reach the EZ. Raider’s linebackers weren’t switched on, should be closer together on the play. Burrows finding C.J making it look easy.

Now check out second Q 13-3 Cinci 08:00. This game was a tale of missed opportunities for the Raiders. Case in point was here the fumble by jersey number 1. Bengals pulled away by half time with a contentious TD at 13-6 01:50. Watch the patience from Burrows to find number 33. Out of bounds? Come on. Joe’s feet were well inside the line when he made the pass, football was released when feet were in the air so no one can say for sure he was out.No way . TD Bengals rightfully so. Raider’s finally scored their first TD which was similar in a way to the first one by Cincinnati. Jones scored it for Vegas. Carr finding Jones between the two defenders. Receiving at its best for Jones, his job is eyes on the football as well as the defenders. Not an easy task. Turnovers and penalties were the Raiders’ worst enemy in this game. With both defenses tightening up field goals were scored either side until the last 17 seconds of the game. Like I said Carr would have the final say. At 26-19 Bengals, Raider’s had 4th and goal after the incompletion at 3rd and goal. A huge call by the ref for the interception by the Bengals’ Germane Bratty. From where I was sitting the pass looked good and complete. But ref saw otherwise judged the Raiders’ receiver had no control of the football. The fine margins. Cincinnati has at last got the monkey off its back. They await the winner of the Wild card match between the Steelers and the Chiefs.