Kyrie Irving made his return to action for Brooklyn last week in the road win over Indiana scoring 22 points in the process. He lines up again here against Portland as the Nets looked to improve on their 25-13 record. In recent days the on fire Bulls have seized control of the East as Brooklyn started to show signs of mid season fatigue. The Blazers still in the running for the play ins, 10th with a 15-24 record. Kyrie’s return is such a welcome occurrence for the Nets who were without James Harden. No sign of rust from the Aussie at 4-2 Blazers. I got to love the Blazers style of ball, they don’t defend that well but -they know their way to the bucket. Watch 27-23 Blazers. Strong passing from Elleby(number 16) in the midst of a tight defense. KD was ever irrepressible with 28 points , hardly ever has a bad game. Kyrie’s assist game wasn’t bad at all with 4. Watch him find Mills who could well gone for the bucket but the Nets needed more threes as they were trailing 41-37. Irving himself nailing a huge down towner at 48-47 Nets as they edged towards a half time lead. He did it quickly before the defender closed him down.

Arfenee Simons was the best bucket getter for the Blazers with 23 points. Tricky customer he is on the dribble, kind of mesmerizes you when he gets going, 60-53 Nets with the shot clock shutting things down. The third quarter got Nets in a rut. Never felt Damian Lillard’s absence did the Trailblazers. They shot an impressive 46.5% from the field more than matching their opponents. The passing from Portland 74-71 Nets doing the business again, Brooklyn didn’t even get close to the ball. The huge Q3 meant that Portland only had to match the Nets and they did just that. Nets were huge from the paint in this match scoring 48 points from that portion of the court. Watch the little guy protect the ball against 3 defenders at 89-85 Portland. The win cements 10th spot for the Blazers although they are some way from 9th place Clippers. Further ground lost on Chicago for Brooklyn.

Eastern Conference
1Chicago Bulls2611.70317-74-214-412-70-09-1L 1
2Brooklyn Nets2514.641218-86-111-1014-42-04-6L 1
3Miami Heat2515.6252.516-76-112-413-110-27-3W 2
4Milwaukee Bucks2617.605318-136-213-713-100-26-4L 2
5Philadelphia 76ers2316.590414-103-68-815-81-18-2W 7
6Cleveland Cavaliers2318.561514-94-111-912-90-04-6W 1
7Toronto Raptors2017.541612-115-512-108-70-17-3W 6
8Charlotte Hornets2219.537614-95-312-510-140-46-4W 3
9Washington Wizards2020.5007.514-135-510-710-133-05-5W 1
10Boston Celtics2021.488814-115-513-87-134-25-5W 2
11New York Knicks2021.488813-174-610-1110-101-06-4W 1
12Atlanta Hawks1722.4361010-124-38-99-130-03-7L 2
13Indiana Pacers1526.366138-212-712-103-161-32-8L 1
14Detroit Pistons930.231186-182-66-133-171-14-6W 2
15Orlando Magic734.171214-261-92-155-190-11-9L 9
Western Conference
1Golden State Warriors309.76916-67-118-312-60-16-4W 1
2Phoenix Suns309.76920-75-417-513-41-06-4L 1
3Utah Jazz2813.683318-49-014-714-60-06-4L 3
4Memphis Grizzlies2814.6673.521-94-214-814-62-09-1W 9
5Dallas Mavericks2218.5508.518-108-211-811-101-17-3W 6
6Denver Nuggets2018.5269.513-113-59-711-111-06-4W 2
7Los Angeles Lakers2120.5121012-142-514-117-95-15-5L 1
8Minnesota Timberwolves2020.50010.515-134-411-109-101-15-5W 4
9LA Clippers2021.4881112-173-513-127-90-14-6W 1
10Portland Trail Blazers1624.40014.58-181-414-112-130-14-6W 2
11San Antonio Spurs1525.37515.58-151-47-108-150-33-7L 3
12Sacramento Kings1627.3721611-194-610-146-131-03-7L 5
13New Orleans Pelicans1426.35016.59-162-48-116-151-15-5L 1
14Oklahoma City Thunder1326.3331710-191-58-135-130-03-7L 4
15Houston Rockets1131.26220.54-171-47-134-181-01-9L 3