There is noise down under as Novak was given the green light to feature at this year’s Australian Open by the country’s regulators. The world number one applied for medical exemption from getting the covid-19 vaccine among a number of other athletes which was granted by Aussie authorities. Australia is one of the few countries which have managed to keep the number of infections at a reasonable low but have been hit hard by the fourth wave Omicron variant. Thus the anger from the general public for the alleged special treatment. As you know I am an advocate for the right to choose what you want put into your body otherwise we will be living in an “1984” type set up. But as for the special treatment there is a justification there. Various people are being denied travel interstate within Australia and to have an outsider just barge in and circumvent the rules is bound to be a big insult. The fact that Djokovic is the defending champion as well as a 9 time winner in Melbourne may have swayed the decision in the Serb’s favor.

Another case in point in support of the decision is that no one , anyone knows what type of condition Novak has that made him apply for the exemption in the first place. The fact that Novak’s health is essential to some people isn’t registering in their minds which is sad. Anyway in as much as we would like to be on the same footing as regards to coronavirus restrictions, it is not possible as circumstances differ individually. We cannot be treated the same. What a loss it would have been if Novak had been refused entry into the main draw. Look we are in unprecedented times and sport plays a major part in entertaining the public who are going through a lot during the pandemic. So Novak’s entry is very much WELCOME. Lastly, Djokovic doesn’t owe anyone any explanation with regards to his exemption as his health is a matter of privacy. Explaining to the public will help cool down the furore but should not be forced on him no matter what.