Joel Embiid was fire against KD and the Nets. He netted 34 points and 7 rebounds. Equally unplayable was James Harden with an out of this world triple double 33-14-10. How competitive was this first quarter, the whole match in general. Both teams shooting well over 40% from the field. Joel led the way for the Sixers. Watch this play at 23-22 Nets. Great defense from Brooklyn covering the inside of the arch so well forcing Philly to go for the three. Embiid obliged sinking it for the lead. A ball game is about getting the ball from your opponent on their possession, a turnover game. Nets guilty of turning over the ball way too many times 17 to be exact. Check out the steal by Seth Curry(IT RUNS IN THE FAMILY)from Harden at 26-25 Nets finished off by the impressive Maxey(25 points). Releasing the ball quickly is the tonic James.

Response from the Nets was brutal in Q2 but it took time for them to come out of their shell a little bit. Check out how to play from the paint at 43-36 Philly. Follow the player with the ball to give him the option. It is very hard for a defender to pay attention to you and the player with the ball. Great play from Drummond here. Nets matched the Sixers from the paint and this play at 45-37 Sixers says so. This time just sheer power from Claxton. Great spot from KD. Nets eventually tied the game during Q2 but they couldn’t make it stick to the end of it. Some impressive shooting from that man , Embiid. Let’s go to Q3 now. Harden who is known more for his three point shooting showing how deadly on the drive he is. Check out at 59-59. He combined well with KD at 72-71 Nets as the home side threatened to pull away. Harden is left handed so to handle him a defender has got to push him to the right, to his weaker shooting hand. It was not to be for the Nets, turnovers were their worst enemy like I said and so it was.

There were some nasty verbal smack exchanged by players from both sides underlining the competitive nature of this game. Q4 now. Let’s compare the Curry siblings shooting wise. Seth here nailing a two point jumper that got me gushing at 87-86 Nets. He adds more wrist to it than Steph does. Steph tends to use more palm to get distance, that’s why he can shoot from almost anywhere. That is the Warrior’s advantage over his Sixer sibling. As soon as the Nets tied the scoreboard, Philly pulled something out of the bag to stay a step ahead. Nets just couldn’t defend the corner Threes from Maxey. A mighty mighty win from the Sixers.Ben Simmons who?

Eastern Conference
1Brooklyn Nets2310.69717-76-110-713-31-07-3L 1
2Chicago Bulls2210.6880.513-73-212-410-60-08-2W 5
3Milwaukee Bucks2413.649117-96-112-512-80-27-3W 5
4Miami Heat2213.629216-76-112-410-90-28-2W 4
5Cleveland Cavaliers2015.571413-83-110-710-80-07-3L 2
6Philadelphia 76ers1916.543513-103-66-813-81-15-5W 3
7Charlotte Hornets1917.5285.511-85-29-410-130-45-5W 3
8Washington Wizards1817.514612-113-59-59-123-04-6W 1
9New York Knicks1718.486711-153-47-1110-71-05-5W 3
10Boston Celtics1619.457811-104-49-77-122-23-7L 3
11Toronto Raptors1417.452810-114-57-107-70-15-5L 2
12Atlanta Hawks1519.4418.59-124-38-97-100-03-7L 3
13Indiana Pacers1421.400108-162-511-83-131-25-5L 2
14Orlando Magic729.19417.54-211-82-135-160-02-8L 4
15Detroit Pistons528.152184-171-63-132-150-11-9L 4