One doesn’t know which Denver Nuggets will show up these days. They have blown hot and cold this season (15-16). Last month they went on a six game losing streak. Their defense has been to blame, shipping in 100 plus points in A LOT OF GAMES in November and December. They have recently tighten things up and with last season regular season MVP Nikola Jokic you know getting buckets on the other end isn’t an issue. They were defensively sound here against Steph and the Warriors. They restricted GS to just 16 points in Q1. Jokic has the ability to cause damage from anywhere in the opposition half of the court. Check out this jumper at 14-9 Denver. Shield , shield then shot. Doesn’t need to overextend since he has the height to generate the elevation. Speaking of that defense, check out 27-16 Nuggets. The game plan on Steph to double team him on the arch worked.

Nuggets weren’t as efficient from behind the arch as inside it. Argentine Campazzo was wreaking havoc with his passing for Denver. Check out 33-20 Denver, Campazzo’s pass to Green one of seven assists for him. This helped Denver dominate the paint in the first half. Steph was struggling with turnovers but a colossal second half helped him get 23 points, a game high. Watch him miss a three at 35-20 only for his teammate to finish with the lay up. Credit to Denver for the pressure on him again to hurry the shot somewhat. Golden State turned up huge in Q3, STARTED NAILING DOWN TWONERS FROM EVERYWHERE as they chipped through the lead. The defense so much better in that stanza. Check out the big time block from Jok by Wiggins at 65-45 Denver.

They managed to reduce the Nuggets lead to 13 points going into Q4. Another quarter in Q4 for GS. How about this three from Steph at 77-63 Nuggets. He makes it look simple doesn’t he? At 80-74 in the lead , Denver was reeling from the Warriors’ comeback bid. They needed their talisman and he delivered. After the missed three, Jokic did was he does best. He gets the rebounds on the paint holds off the markers and delivers. One of 18 rebounds for the Serb. Denver held on, only just for the victory. Always made sure GS don’t go ahead on the scoreboard which is a psychological advantage. Battle was won and lost on the paint. A bit disappointed by Steph on the last play at 88-86 Nuggets. He should have gone for the three, he was good and on a hot streak from outside the arch. Crazy end to the game.

Western Conference
1Golden State Warriors277.79415-47-116-311-40-17-3L 1
2Phoenix Suns267.7880.517-74-415-411-31-07-3L 2
3Utah Jazz249.7272.514-36-013-611-30-08-2W 4
4Memphis Grizzlies2114.6006.517-93-211-810-62-07-3W 2
5Denver Nuggets1716.5159.510-92-48-69-101-06-4W 2
6LA Clippers1717.5001012-143-412-105-70-15-5L 2
7Los Angeles Lakers1718.48610.59-121-510-107-85-14-6W 1
8Dallas Mavericks1617.48510.513-97-28-88-91-15-5W 1
9Minnesota Timberwolves1618.4711111-112-310-106-81-15-5L 1
10San Antonio Spurs1419.42412.58-141-37-107-90-16-4L 1
11Sacramento Kings1421.40013.510-154-58-116-101-03-7W 1
12Portland Trail Blazers1320.39413.57-161-311-82-120-12-8L 2
13New Orleans Pelicans1322.37114.58-142-47-96-131-16-4W 1
14Oklahoma City Thunder1221.36414.510-141-27-105-110-05-5L 1
15Houston Rockets1025.28617.54-141-37-83-171-02-8L 5