Lakers signed Isaiah Thomas on a 10 day contract as health protocols and injuries took their toll on the team. No Dwight Howard and Avery Bradley for them. The Wolves without Anthony Edwards and Prince. Lakers go into this one 16-13 and 6th the West. Minnesota are 9th in the standings at 13-15 so I expected a close encounter. Towns strong on the paint for Minnesota, check out 6-2 Wolves. Very little that the defender can do just watch, stand tall and hope for the best. Wolves were all over LA in the first Q. Watch out Townes’s block on Brown. A little too predictable from the Laker don’t you think? Way too many turnovers in the first Q for my liking from both sides thus the low scoring first stanza wasn’t that big of a surprise. Best play from LA thus far, 21-14 Minnesota. Ball movement mesmerizing finished off by the flush from LeBron. Just look at that big space inside the arch. Like an open invite. Big assist to Rondo and Westbrook

Look, the Lakers defense wasn’t that good today. But it had its moments. Watch LeBron pick the ball off the head of the attacker at 29-22 taking advantage of the attacker’s short height. But Minnesota always made sure they were always s step ahead on the scoreboard. LA couldn’t cope with Townes on the paint and shooting from FG from Russell. A big Q3 was needed from the Lakers if they were to win this one. Not a good start though. 59-47 Wolves. James aiming straight at the head of the defender, turnover to Minnesota and easy bucket. Was it an accident? Victim seemed to think so. This match was a poor by his standards. We didn’t see the devastating combo with Anthony Davis such as at 61-53, Wolves, often enough. A 20 point Wolves lead going into Q4 was a big mountain to climb for any team. One player with pride intact, Isaiah Thomas. He nailed a technically great three pointer at 90-71. Short guy getting the elevation right. In truth Timberwolves looked the hungrier of the two sides. Watch the huge offensive rebound by Vanderbilt at 98-79 and resultant 3 by Beverly. Minnesota comfortable and deserved winners.