The unvaccinated Irving makes his return to action for the Brooklyn Nets against Portland on Thursday but not without conditions. 5 consecutive negative tests are required plus the Aussie can only play road games. This decision was long overdue. The irony of this whole thing is that covid cases among the both vaccinated and unvaccinated forced the Nets coach to make the decision. I know the pro vax constituency will have a go at the Nets’ decision, what do the expect them to do. KD and Harden are being overworked as the Brooklyn roster gets thinner by the day. Do not expect the NBA to cancel or reschedule because they have sponsors and fans to make happy.

This is an 82 game regular season. This is not a joke you need every player at your disposal. For me Kyrie not getting the vaccine doesn’t actually mean he is against it. It just means he needs to get more information before he makes the decision. There is still a chance he might agree to it. The Nets have got a number of home games meaning that Kyrie won’t be selected which might affect the harmony within the team. But in his defense he has been with the team for a long time so the stop and starts for me won’t affect the team rapport. There has been some basketball stakeholders in support of going back to the bubble. It can be a good idea only that the NBA promised fans that they will see the games and that they can arrange an 82 game season. Loss of revenue after losing a lot of it last season isn’t up the NBA’s wish list let’s just say. Nets have fared reasonably well without Kyrie but the uncertainty of the playoffs necessitate his return. Recent history tells us that the too seeds tend to struggle in the playoffs due to fatigue and injuries.