Media can get overboard sometimes in praising certain young players. I am kind of torn in between about Josh Giddey the Oklahoma City Guard. Here against the Grizzlies he made his fifth double double with 19 points and 11 assists. Lets start with the plus side. Josh has offensive qualities with his main attribute passing. Check out 5-0 Memphis first Q. Now for the down side. His defense kind of is suspect. Check out at 10-2 Grizzlies. His teammate number 50 Robinson-Earle gets the rebound but he is looking for a colleague to pass to. Where is Giddey? Outside the arch far away from the play. Don’t mean to beat the Aussie too much but look at where the Thunder are in the Western Conference. Fifth worst in the league with a 9-19 record, he doesn’t make the Thunder better as a team. Memphis bossing the first Q. Dillion Brooks and Desmond Bane awesome with the jumper on the free throw line at 18-7 from the former picture perfect. Brooks will get 19 points.

Thunder struck decisively in Q2. Not before the showy pass to Tillman by Killie at 35-21 Memphis. Giddey again, Oh Giddey. Sorry OKC I love you. From the bad to the brilliant. Check out the shooting from Josh at 43-31. Great technique with the fingers not the palms. Number 2 Shai for OKC was the best in scoring for his team with 23 points. This 2 point jumper at 45-42 from him made it a three point game which stayed that way until half time. Very poor Q from the Grizzlies in which their shooting from the field dropped to 35%. Q3 saw the Thunder seize the lead for the first time in the match. I love this play at 57-56 Thunder, great steal from Dort with the bucket from Shai. One of 7 steals for OKC with 9 for Memphis, Thunder making up for the deficit with blocks. Seven of them to two for the opposition. Thunder carried a two point advantage into Q4.

Ja Morant is for me the best player for the Grizzlies. Watching 74-72 Thunder you get to see why. Taking on the Thunder team with the drive down the lane, fake and lay up. Gets the foul for the 3 point swing which wasn’t converted. Third best scoring for Ja with 16 points behind Bane(25) and Brooks (19). The Q went back and forth, the Thunder weathering a simmering storm mid quarter with Bane and Morant on fire. Grizzlies free throw shooting was poor despite 76% (10/13) success. This is because they missed at the worst moment of the match such as Brooks at 93-92 Grizzlies with a minute and 50 to go. Game winning moment was another Giddey pass at 96-95 Thunder with Shai with all the time in the world. Was that an attempt at a buzzer beater by Brooks?

Western Conference
1Phoenix Suns245.82815-53-314-210-31-08-2W 3
2Golden State Warriors256.80613-36-115-210-40-17-3W 1
3Utah Jazz219.7003.511-35-011-610-30-08-2W 1
4Memphis Grizzlies1913.5946.515-83-211-88-52-07-3L 2
5Denver Nuggets1514.51798-82-38-57-91-06-4W 1
6LA Clippers1615.516911-132-412-84-70-15-5L 3
7Los Angeles Lakers1615.51698-101-410-76-85-16-4L 2
8Minnesota Timberwolves1515.5009.511-92-29-96-61-15-5W 4
9Dallas Mavericks1415.4831011-87-27-77-81-14-6L 2
10Portland Trail Blazers1318.419127-141-311-72-110-13-7W 2
11Sacramento Kings1319.40612.59-134-47-96-101-05-5L 1
12San Antonio Spurs1218.40012.57-131-36-96-90-15-5W 1
13Oklahoma City Thunder1019.345148-120-25-105-90-04-6W 2
14Houston Rockets1021.323154-131-37-73-141-05-5L 1
15New Orleans Pelicans1021.323157-132-45-95-121-15-5W 2