It took a while to get going but things are starting to look much more rosy for Arsenal in the Premier League. Three straight wins over West Ham , Southampton and against Leeds lifted them up to 4th. The all important last champions league slot. It is not a coincidence that the upsurge in form happened at the same time captain Aubameyang was ostracized from the team. Sometimes a big character can undermine younger talent (think Patrick Ewing and the mid 1990s Knicks). One of the youngsters who has grabbed his opportunity with both hands is Brazilian Gabriel Martinelli. His second goal against a wounded Leeds takes the play of the week. Marcelo Bielsa refuses to blame the injuries for Leeds’s poor form this season and he is right. They can’t complete passes the way they used to do last season. Look at the amount of space Xhaka had to pick out Martinelli. Martinelli saw the pocket between the two defenders as Leeds lost their shape on the counter. Arteta learnt from the best, a hint of Pep style of attack. You can see 4 Arsenal shirts overwhelming Leeds’s three defenders there. Well crafted goal in its simplicity.