One of the favorites to win the whole show this season Kansas City facing the Chargers in an AFC West showdown. Chiefs lead the division with a 9-4 record whilst Chargers second with 8-5. What a start it was. Roberts showing no fear for LA from the kick off, the stumble putting a downer on what would have been a memorable TD. Justin Herbert after failing to breach at 0-0 3rd and goal, dis it at the 4th down bybfindinf his receiver in the EZ but he couldn’t hold on. Mahomes and KC responded in kind, holding on possession in what like forever eventually forcing the TD at 0-0 07:40 3rd and 1. Poor defense from the Chargers though, Burton literary jumping over 3 tacklers. The FG made it 10-0 Chiefs going into Q2. Good Q2 for the Chargers.

Herbert with the carry and TD, the first for LA at 09:20. That corner part of the EZ is rarely defended well so great looking out for the Chargers QB. Another TD by Guyton at 10-7 03:15 saw Chargers go into half time in the lead. LA will regret this play with seconds to half time in the context of the game. Seconds to go to half time, Herbert got greedy attempting the difficult pass when not on at 4th and goal, a field goal wouldn’t have been the way to go . Indeed they would regret it. No TDs in the Q3 witg both teams defending pretty well. But a FG by KC saw the game go into Q4 with LA leading precariously 14-13.

Be on the look out for the Nowusu pick off from Mahomes at 09:50 inside the 10 yards. The turnover leading to Ekeler making it 21-13 LA. Two TDs , one from Hill for 6 points and one from Soler for 2 points saw the game head to OT. Not so fast. Allen for LA with 02:30 to go. It looked like an early night after all. But Mahomes is one of the best QBs at getting the game tying throw or game winning for that matter. He found Kelce to make it 28-28 and the long night was on again. The same wide receiver scored the game winning TD in overtime. The LA linebackers looked knackered and finished, couldn’t attempt the hit at all.