Steph Curry went into this game looking to break the all time record for most career 3 pointers which stood at 2972. He needed 6 but I got to tell you the GS showman was poor from the field by his lofty standards. Shooting 8/20 from FG. Pacers are struggling this season down in 12th in the East with a 12-16 record. The struggles may be due in part to injury absentee TJ Warren missing for most of the season. However in Sabonis and LeVert amongst others they have capable players. Curry is not only about shooting, he is big driving towards the bucket. Check out 10-8 Indiana where he shields the ball well. He turned villain at 27-32 Pacers. He wanted to be cute there with a one handed cross court pass intercepted easily by the opponent. One handed passes lack pace should be tried when your teammate isn’t tightly marked.

I love the confidence from down town exhibited by the Pacers despite the Warriors restricting Indiana to just 36% from there. Watch 67-67as LeVert sank one. Steph had his best quarter in Q4 in terms of 3s, sinking one at 77-75 Pacers as he moved closer to the record. Pacers have been bad at closing out games have lost 10 games by 4 points or less. So the problem really is mental fortitude. This one was no different.Their formula of finding big Sabonis just below the rim like at 89-84 Indiana seemed to work. Turner and Broadman the suppliers.

Draymond Green was huge in Q4 for Golden State both defensively and offensively , check out 91-87 Pacers and 93-89 as the gap began to close. Now crunch time, or should I say Pacers implosion time. 100-95 with 1:27, to go. Steph has that record in mind and in sight sinks a 3. Defense was not what I would have handled it. The first thing is to double team Steph because we all know he needs the 3 forcing him to pass inside the arch or try another teammate with the pass. They did just that at 100-98, but Steph protects the ball well and sinks the layup. What they did at 100-98 shod have happened at 100-95. Now 100-100 OT looming large, you just know Steph will go for the three and if you were a Pacer fan the shot hitting the rim must have been a pretty sight. Where are the Pacers to do the defensive rebound work? No where to be found and Looney took full advantage. Painful one to swallow for Indiana. Warriors second in the West at 22-5.