Portland’s guard CJ McCollom went down injured in the fourth quarter of his team’s match with the Celtics on Saturday AND IS OUT for the foreseeable future. The team doctors have diagnosed him with a collapsed lung(pneumothorax), a rare condition in the world of sports. The injury is more associated with accidents and falls than basketball matches. How does the lung collapse? Well, it collapses when air finds its way into the wall between the lung and the chest. So thing is under the challenge of a marker, there may be contact most probably with an elbow or a fall on to the hard surface of the court. That blunt force will puncture the lung leaving air to penetrate the wall. This is the most assumed cause of CJ’s injury. A hidden reason may be an infection in the lungs or even lung cancer.

This condition is very life threatening and requires immediate medical attention. Treatment SHOULD ONLY BE ADMINISTERED BY A QUALIFIED DOCTOR. This involves inserting a needle or a tube to let the air pressure out of the lungs. Symptoms of Pneumothorax are heavy breathing with the patient experiencing chest pain. The small lung collapses can heal on their own but to be safe a CT scan should be administered to see extent of the injury. Since most of us guys aren’t doctors, how should first aid be handled. Like I said there are various causes of a collapsed lung, even a gun shot would, so first aid depends on the cause. In the case of a sucking wound, bandaging the wound with a plastic covering sealing all the edges with petroleum jelly so as to not allow air out. Loosen the patient’s clothing and clear airway. Important to remove the seal if there are signs that air is building up in the chest, like one side of chest appears larger than the other, blue lips or fingers. A condition called tension pneumothorax.

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