This has been an average looking Lakers team this season. One of the reasons for this is probably the addition of Russel Westbrook to the team. He is one of the all time greats of the game but one has to question the wisdom of handing him a contract in a team that has already got Davis, LeBron and Howard. Anthony Davis’s form has nose dived too (don’t know if it’s a coincidence with the arrival of Russel) IN THE DEFENSIVE aspect of his game. The veterans seem to lack motivation having won a lot in their playing careers as well. It may be wise to move them on whilst there is still some worth in them. They face a Celtics team who are equally struggling for form due to the inconsistencies of the star men like Jay Tatum. Win percentages of 0.5 for both teams tell the story. First quarter was even with Celtics going into Q2 leading by 2. Tatum shooting 3s with ease, that Lakers defense again, not that good. Check out 11-8 Celtics. Russ should have done better, ball was loose for a second, the steal was on. Now LeBron enjoys playing against the Celtics historically, he didn’t disappoint here. Watch the monster 3 at 20-12 Celtics, part of Lakers high 30 points for the KING.

To be fair to Russ he was great offensively here. A game high 11 assists and 24 points for Westbrook as the Lakers took charge of Q2. Jayson influential in keeping close to LA on the board but check out this flash from Robert Williams at 54-51 Lakers after good work on the offensive rebound by Tatum. Wiiliams finished with 13 points the next best Celtic after Jayson’s 34. Q3 was the Lakers best period of the game. How dominant the Lakers were from the paint. I talked about Davis’s weaknesses but he was a lot better in this match I got to tell you. Watch 68-60 Lakers, his rebound keeping the ball in play(with a little help from a friend),the pass to LeBron was quick and decisive thinking. He had 16 rebounds for the match, if only he would do the same every match Lakers would be higher up the standings. 66 points for the Lakers from the paint, it was Russ with the drive at 83-69 Lakers that caught my attention.

Being behind by 16 going into Q4, Boston had to get the ball back quick, that means tightening up the defense. They had no answer to the movement inside the arch. Watch 94-77 Lakers, check out number 11 for Celtic. He doesn’t know who to pick out between Russ and Ellington, in the end it is no man’s land for him. Comfortable win in the end for the Lakers who go above 0.5200 win percentage. Ironically Celtics have the same win ratio only that they are in 10th in the East with Lakers in 6th. Safe to say the East has more competition this term.