A French Court found Real Madrid star Karim Benzema guilty of the blackmail case of 2014 involving a sex tape of former international teammate Mathieu Valbuena. As it were, Mathieu’s phone broke at that time and sort to retrieve the data on it to transfer to the knew phone. A guy called  Axel Angot was hired to do the transfers and happened to stumble upon the illicit content. Axel told his pals who then hatched a plan to blackmail Valbuena. It so happened that one of the pals was a childhood pal of Karim. So they approached Karim to convince Mathieu to pay up. The punishment for three of the guys was prison time but for Karim it was a suspended sentence of a year and a fine of 75 000 Euros. He has just returned to the national team after being snubbed for 6 years because of this case and this is a huge blow to him. Today I want to talk about this case in detail namely should athletes and celebrities keep illicit content in their phones AND THE COMPANY THEY KEEP.

Karim here was made to pay for being associated with criminals. The fact is Karim should have known that once you become FAMOUS PLAYER, having associations with childhood friends comes with risks. For one Karim has a lot more money than them and two they take advantage of emotional attachments they may have with him. Karim’s lawyers claim that he was not aware of the true intentions of his friend. They forget the common law maxim, ignorantia juris non excusat, not knowing that you breaking the law doesn’t fly as an excuse when you commit the crime. The fact that the friend Karim Zenati approached Djibril Cisse (another soccer player) with the same proposal to help him(and Cisse refused) doesn’t auger well with Karim’s case. It showed that refusing to do the crime wasn’t beyond reason and Benzema was very much morally blameworthy(consulted a renowned lawyer for that one haha). The last issue is on keeping sexually explicit content on your phone. One should know the risk of keeping such , manly the obvious that a tech savvy individual can easily hack into a phone or computer and retrieve it. Yes, it can me psychologically stimulating to make a sex tape (in truth they have been known to help relationships by sex therapists) but you run the risk of embarrassment not to mention BLACKMAIL AND EXTORTION. So take it for me, rather don’t bother making one.