Chicago Bulls are pushing hard to be the Eastern Conference’s best team in 2022 going toe to toe with the Nets. By a margin DeRazon has turned out to be their best player. He has gotten his teammates playing well too none so than Alex Caruso. Caruso moved to Chicago from LA as a free agent in a massive big money move in the 30 million USD range. So far the Bulls have gotten their money’s worth. He takes the play of the week after some scintillating team play on the transition. Alex is not known for his scoring, rather for his assists and rebounds. He isn’t the flashy show off, but what I love about him he gets the job DONE. This game was against the New York Knicks on Friday Night. Jones with the steal from number 4 for NY Rose. Ball was pushed out fast to Dosumnu. Dosumnu could have gone for the flash himself but he knew he was likely to be blocked. The no look pass overhead to Caruso shows they train together and know each other that well for the two.