Losing is just as addictive as winning. Once you get that soul crushing defeat , it is mighty hard to get out of the rut. 0-10-1 Detroit know that their playoff hopes are all but finished but they want to avoid the winless season. They take on the 5-6 Minnesota led by QB Kirk Cousins who is highly rated in the NFC in terms of long range throws. Jared Goff has been the Lions’ fall guy for their poor form along with their coaches. If you watched the first quarter you would have thought,”here we go again”. 0-0 10:00 4th down and 1. Just one yard and the Lions couldn’t make it. Vikings took over the game making 2 field goals to go 6-0 up going into Q2. Goff sacked at 3-0 5:52 in such easy fashion. He would recover dramatically in Q2 in a big way.

Detroit’s defense may be suspect but their offense shone through in Q2. Goff had figures of 25/41 and 296 yards which can win any given Sunday. Jarred started throwing deep whilst they had downs on the cards like at 6-0 15:00. Brown and Hockenson did a great job in receiving without them the result would have been in serious doubt. 2 TD passes for Jarred in Q2 in a throw back to his Rams days. The best one of them was the pass to Wright on 7-6 09:50. The second tackler from Minnesota too slow to close down there. Check this out, this was a crucial play here that happened at 17-6 00:50. Clock running out Cousins decided to take his chances at 4th and 10 instead of punting. He loses the ball turned over now to the Lions. Lions get 1st and 10 with 30 seconds to go then get the field go to take a 20-6 lead.

The match literally came down to that field goal by Patterson. Detroit fell to old habits and failed to retain possession in Q3 and Q4 resulting in failing to get to the Vikings’ EZ. Their defense didn’t help either. Watch the Oruwariye(7/0 in tackling and assists) give away a cheap TD to Conklin, which was chopped off at 20-6 09:31. The left foot just out of bounds, another crucial point in the match. The Vikings would get the TD through Maddison to make it 20-15 but imagine if they had two in Q3. Onto Q4. Vikings continuing where they left off. The early TD at 23-15 12:00 and a foul by the Lions saw Vikings pull within two of Detroit 23-21. Another TD for Minnesota from Jefferson looked to have won the game with 01:55 to go. IN A DRAMATIC END TO THE MATCH, Goff went for broke with 4 second to go and found a way to the EZ with no time outs left to spark wild scenes. It was Brown with catch. Another slow approach from the Safeties to blame for the Vikings. Nice to see the Lions win at last though.