A few weeks ago the big news from China was the alleged sexual assault accusation leveled on Ex Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli. Now the tennis governing body for the ladies WTA has suspended all Chinese tournaments with immediate effect. The reasons given by WTA are very interesting to say the least. Here is what the WTA chairman Steve Simon had to say about it. “(I)hold serious doubts that Peng is free, safe and not subject to censorship, coercion and intimidation”. “Unfortunately, the leadership in China has not addressed this very serious issue in any credible way”. Now I am really not a fan of the Chinese government politics in any way but on the issue of the suspension I kind of have to side with them. Number one, the WTA and the IOC have had the opportunity to speak to Peng online and she said herself that she was safe and sound. The issue of whether she is under coercion or intimidation has no evidence or merit. They are bound by what Peng says, in other words if she says she is fine there is no need to believe otherwise even if you know the Chinese track record on human rights.

Number two, the suspension of tournaments will affect players that have absolutely nothing to do with this whole issue. For starters no one really knows what happened here. For all we know Peng could be not telling the truth or Zhang could be actually guilty. The WTA has taken the side of emotional liberals and feminists without doing proper prior investigations. Liberals and feminists have been wrong before many times over. Take the Duke University Lacrosse team rape incident 15 years ago. For those not in the know, members of the Duke University Lacrosse team were accused of raping a part time stripper student at a party. Media and liberals went crazy, they were as good as guilty even before the trial. Evidence comes in, DNA taken from the girl didn’t match even one of the guys. So WTA is jumping the gun here. Rather wait for due process to happen then make these sort of decision. What will happen to the promising young Chinese player who was looking forward to the tournaments to improve her skills and possibly follow Li Na in becoming a grand slam champ? I however have to commend the IOC for their sensible stance on the allegations.

This is what they said.”We are using “quiet diplomacy” which, given the circumstances and based on the experience of governments and other organizations, is indicated to be the most promising way to proceed effectively in such humanitarian matters” Here we go. No sides taken, leaves room for reasonable doubt. The Me Too movement was a very noble initiative but it is now being taken over by people who have their own political agenda.