These two teams are the Western Conference’s most in form teams. Suns were on a franchise history best nine game winning streak. Golden State lost one in nine ironically to their opponents here on Wednesday. Steph has been on one of his scoring moods this season. Despite a subdued game on Wednesday in which he only got 12 points, he was at it again here scoring 23 points. But the day belonged to Daymond Green whose 9 assists stood out. The absence of Devin Booker felt by Phoenix, he got injured on Wednesday. But they have Chris Paul. But first watch Green’s pass to Wiggins(19 points) at 8-7 Warriors. Only rivaled in finesse by Steph’s pass to Looney at 12-11 GS. Warriors taking Q1 by 7. The Warriors’ ball movement off the hook in that Q.

Phoenix came back fighting in Q2. They were good from the paint for most of the match drawing fouls from Golden State. The reason the match was close was their free throw percentage 26/35. Their 3 point shooting was bad just 8 the entire match. Chris Paul the assist master for the Suns with 8. Watch this pass to Johnson at 39-31 Warriors. Second half Warriors really exploded on the Suns. Their shooting from the field got so much better. From a close 58-56 lead they became better from downtown. Not just from Curry which was pleasing but check out Jordan Poole at 64-56 GS. Deandre Ayton was the best Suns scorer with 23 points same as Steph. This play at 89-74 Warriors was my best of the match. What vision to locate Bridges for the wide out 3 pointer. Pity those buckets were a few and far between for Phoenix. Suns needed more 3s but for some reasons in Q4 they were content to drive for the lay ups. Warriors full value for the victory. A late burst from Gary Payton|(jnr) to watch out for in the clip in Q4. Like father like son. Warriors still number one in the West , will TAKE SOME BEATING IN THE PLAYOFFS. Suns still up there in second.

Western Conference
1Golden State Warriors193.86411-25-112-17-20-18-2W 1
2Phoenix Suns194.8260.513-43-210-29-20-09-1L 1
3Utah Jazz157.68249-24-09-46-30-07-3W 3
4Memphis Grizzlies1210.545710-51-18-54-52-06-4W 3
5Dallas Mavericks1110.5247.59-56-16-45-61-04-6L 1
6LA Clippers1211.5227.59-91-39-73-40-14-6W 1