The new manager bounce hasn’t caught on at Spurs just yet. This embarrassing result is a reality check on how much time Tottenham need to get their house in order even with a high caliber coach such as Conte. Sometimes attitude of a player is more important than skill, some of the players on show for the North London club do not deserve to pull on the shirt. Players like Doherty, Alli , Ndombele and Sanchez have not been anywhere near good enough this season and it showed. Watch the opening Mura goal. This is a goal you would expect in a training ground not a European club competition. Sanchez not keeping up with the player at all , looking like on a stroll. Ryan Sessegnon has been a fringe player at Spurs since almost immediately after signing from Fulham three seasons ago. Matches like this are an opportunity for him to tell his coach he can play the bigger matches. His rush of blood to the head leading up to the red card tells Conte otherwise.

Mura are a club from Slovenia and couldn’t even play in their own stadium because it wasn’t up to scratch. They are one of the weakest sides in European competition this season. They never panicked, never lost nerve even when they ended up being under the cosh in the second half. Kane , Song and Moura can hold their heads high, preforming admirably. Kane with a typical cool finish. There was nothing fancy about the build up to the second goal by Mura. Watch the fight and hunger from the Slovenians. They win the ball just as soon as they lose it. Heart and desire can win you games against even when you don’t have skillful players. SHAMEFUL PERFORMANCE FROM SPURS.

Group G

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