Giannis and Milwaukee are having an average start to the new season and it is to be expected. Having captured a first title in 51 years , the prolonged celebrations can be forgiven. However the Bucks come into this match 3-0 including a notable victory over the Lakers, Giannis with 47 points to dominate LA. Orlando are having a wretched start to the season, are 4-13 and rock bottom of Eastern Conference standings. Part of the reason for this is the age profile of the team, they have the second youngest team in the league. Although it isn’t bad to have youth in the team, we need to inject some experience in the team for those match winning moments. The Magic should not have any complaints for being thrashed in the first quarter. It sounds harsh but true. They had ample field goal attempts but only had a success rate of 25%. It was a 36 point first quarter for Milwaukee in which they were un-Bucks like in dominating the field goal shooting. Bucks normally great on the paint. Watch Greyson Allen send Suggs flying at 18-14 Bucks.

The scoring for Milwaukee was well spread out with seven players reaching the teens. The weaker opposition probably made the coach give more minutes to the supporting cast. Jrue Holiday the highest with 18 from 23 minutes followed by Pat Connaughton with 17 from 22. The Magic were the better side from attacking the paint particularly the power of Moritz Wagner(18 points). Check out 39-24 Bucks second quarter. You bet your last dime the team that loses is the one that gives the most turnovers. Check out 41-27 Bucks. It was almost as if it was a training session. Giannis getting into the act at 55-42. How do you stop Giannis? Double teaming right when he is on the arch, if he comes inside you are toast. Third quarter same script. Magic not getting tight on the Middletons and the Antetokounmpos. Watch 73-50 Bucks. Them not getting tight enough is reflected in the foul stats, Orlando committing the lesser personal fouls at 17. The one good thing they can take into their next game is that 36 point final quarter. With the Bucks winding down, 107-94 Bucks, Mulder finds the gap between the defense for an authoritative dunk. Bucks now 10-8 in the East.

Eastern Conference
1Brooklyn Nets135.72211-42-06-37-20-08-2W 3
2Chicago Bulls126.66716-42-16-36-30-06-4L 1
3Miami Heat116.6471.55-33-16-15-50-25-5L 1
4Washington Wizards116.6471.59-63-47-24-42-06-4L 1
5Charlotte Hornets118.5792.58-43-26-25-60-26-4W 1
6Boston Celtics108.55636-71-25-35-52-27-3W 3
7Milwaukee Bucks108.55637-52-05-45-40-16-4W 4
8Philadelphia 76ers108.55635-60-44-46-40-04-6W 1
9New York Knicks98.5293.57-83-14-55-31-04-6L 1
10Cleveland Cavaliers99.50046-51-04-55-40-05-5L 4
11Atlanta Hawks99.50046-43-18-11-80-05-5W 5
12Toronto Raptors810.44457-63-22-66-40-03-7L 1
13Indiana Pacers811.4215.54-91-25-23-91-15-5W 2
14Detroit Pistons412.25083-91-42-72-50-03-7L 2
15Orlando Magic414.22292-120-41-63-80-02-8L 3