The ATP has moved to limit the number of times a player goes to the loo in what I can only describe as CONTROL on steroids. From 2022 players will be required to take only one bathroom break in a match and that break only happens at the end of the set. Now matches particularly in grand slam tournaments tend to go to 4 hours plus, God forbid you should get pressed in that period. The justification the ATP gives is that players were complaining that certain players were using the breaks to break the momentum of the opponent. A situation that comes to mind is the Tsitsipas-Murray match at the US Open in which the Greek took 3 timeouts one lasting as much as 8 minutes SPREAD from set one to four. Stefanos ended up winning the match in five sets. Let me say this.Firstly , all players on Tour operate under the same rules going into matches and by going into the matches knowing those rules they tacitly agree to them. So I really don’t get it when one player starts to complain when they are on the receiving end. Secondly, who are we to question mother nature. We all know lady players are in trouble with this ruling if the WTA follows suit. What happens if it is that time of the month?

You think the ATP is finished guess again? Medical timeouts are also being revised downwards. Only one timeout will be allowed for only three minutes at change of sets or changeover. I mean come on. Let me put it this way. Slide for the ball on the baseline, twist my ankle. No fault of mine right it happens in a game. The medic asks for 5 minutes to rub my ankle so that at least we have a semblance of a competitive match. Umpire flags me for violating the timeout rules asks me to forfeit or continue the match. Look, all the sportsmanship in the world doesn’t come close to the health and wellbeing of players. It is similar to what is known in soccer as time wasting by feigning injury. In as much as we may not like it, a player can go down claiming injury, in actual effect he may not be. It is not up to us to question the authenticity of the claims because the player’s wellbeing is at stake. So given what I have said I hope the ATP comes to their senses on this one. If they insist on it they might as well reduce the serving time to 5 seconds too because players complain about that too.